Photo: Playback / Manufacturing domesticated

Photo: Playback / Manufacturing domesticated

With the rush of everyday life, convenience is the word of law. Often leaves aside the healthier dining options, and the "fast finger food" - the famous fast foods - just making the turn. This becomes alarming because usually the nutrients contained in such food are not enough to maintain health day and the calories can exceed the limits.

Following a healthy diet is not a "big deal." Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity.

And healthy and tasty choices is not lacking! Numerous specialized sites offer easy and practical options for all meals of the day.

To demystify the concept that healthy food is synonymous with work in the kitchen, below 30 tips practices meals selected to facilitate the day to day.


Photo: Playback / In My Pan

Photo: Playback / In My Pan

1. ricotta cheese bread and chia: in addition to being practical, this recipe also contains a healthy version of the darling of the tables of all Brazil. By using ricotta recipe is lighter and tasty.

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2. Greek yogurt cream with strawberries and granola: with few and accessible ingredients, this delicious recipe is ready in a few minutes and is a treat to the palate.

3. banana and flaxseed cake: cake this option brings the grain flaxseed as an adjunct, prolonging the feeling of fullness and eluding that "greedy" midmorning.

4. Avocado Smoothie with green tea: while green tea speeds up metabolism and caloric expenditure turbine, avocado helps combat binge eating.

5. Pancakes oatmeal and bananas: quick and easy recipe that uses one most ripe banana that is almost going to waste. Reutilization now!

6. Plain yogurt with hydrated oats: here we have oats as the main focus. When hydrated, you get a soft texture, great for use with natural yogurt and helps regulate the bowel.

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Photo: Playback / figs and Funghis

Photo: Playback / figs and Funghis

7. shrimp flamed with mashed cassava and quinoa: simple dish, but one worthy of sophistication famous restaurant. Enter the role of chef and savor this delicious dish!

8. Grilled sea bass with sauteed mushrooms: even in the coming sea food options, this recipe in addition to being delicious it is still light. If you play!

9. Chicken breast stuffed: in addition to being fast, the versatility of this dish draws attention: you can choose your favorite filling, and also has the option of using white or red sauce.

10. Eggplant parmigiana light: although not darling of many, the eggplant is extremely nutritious and has few calories. How about we try it this way?

11. Rice with chicken, peas, carrots and pepper: an alternative to get out of "sameness" of rice and beans every day. Simple, fast and tasty.

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12. Roast Beef tenderloin crust of spices with pea puree: such exchange mashed potatoes ever for this alternative with pea? Worth the experience!

Afternoon snack

Photo: Playback / In My Pan

Photo: Playback / In My Pan

13. blender without gluten banana cake: besides being a gluten-free option, it is made in a blender, which facilitates their preparation.

14. full Pancake no egg and no milk banana: ideal recipe for vegan and allergic to eggs and milk, contains oats that helps control cholesterol and regulate sugar levels in the blood.

15. Banana Biscuit fit: fit revenue, which helps keep the form, because it does not take fat, sugar, gluten or milk. Rich in fiber and vitamins, it helps to satisfy the desire to eat sweet mid-afternoon.

16. Sweet Potato Chips microwave: great place to get away from processed snack foods full of preservatives and trans fat. And the best is a delight!

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17. tapioca cake: wacky cakes can take this alternative. In addition to delicious, combines with breakfast or afternoon tea.

18. tapioca Omelet: a great meal, light and healthy, with a softness that only tapioca can provide.

Have a dinner

Photo: Playback / In My Pan

Photo: Playback / In My Pan

19. bread pie with vegetables: light and healthy version of the salt cake, this recipe calls for bread, which promotes feelings of fullness for longer.

20. oven salad: for those who have difficulty eating salad is a dish that leaves the zucchini and eggplant with a "face" extremely appetizing!

21. "Pizza" eggplant and zucchini gratin: still talking about these two vegetables, such exchange that extremely caloric and greasy pizza for a more healthy and yet tasty meal? Try it!

22. Natural Sandwich ricotta, sour carrots and raisins: is adept natural sandwich? Then try this option with the ricotta, a more light cheese, carrots in a different way and raisins to complement the distinctive flavor.

23. caprese pasta with chicken: is crazy to eat a pasta but not to stay with a clear conscience? Try this version. Easy, fast and light.

24. tuna with quinoa crust: practical and fresh dish for the hottest days. It is to taste with your eyes!


Photo: Playback / kitchen dish

Photo: Playback / kitchen dish

25. Sherbet: the perfect recipe for a hot day! And the best: it does not take over any ingredient in addition to fruit. How about trying?

26. apples filled with dried fruit and granola: to fight the urge to eat sweets, they can also be used as a side dish of yoghurt for breakfast.

27. cookies and honey locust: as well as rich in nutritional content, carob contains vitamins B1, B2 and A, low in fat and contains no gluten. Surely it is an ingredient in which is worth betting!

28. passion fruit yogurt with syrup Flan: Another option not to "fall killing" in candy. Lightweight, easy and beautiful, this recipe yields enough, ideal for when the family is reunited.

29. Frozen papaya yogurt: perfect recipe for hot days has as main ingredient papaya, fruit rich in vitamin C and E, which aid in digestion.

30. Strawberry Candy: easy to make, this recipe takes the biomass of green bananas, which acts in the intestine and contains vitamins A, B1 and B2, as well as help in the diet. Try it!