Spinning: good reasons to practice it - Women Tips

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When it comes to exercise, one of the main secrets to achieve good results is to choose a physical activity that, in addition to providing benefits to the body, provide pleasure! After all, no one is long, and not right, what you do not enjoy.

The good news is that there are currently numerous choices of activities to please everyone. That is, there is no excuse for not exercising! Who does not like weight training, for example, now find in most of the different academies types of classes that in addition to burn calories and provide other benefits to the body, provide fun.

Among these classes, highlights the Spinning, modality that has attracted more and more fans - are men, are women - throughout Brazil. And what should all this success? Below you can see the answer to this and all other questions about physical activity:

What is Spinning?

Gilberto Ambrogi, professor of the Academy Bio Ritmo, points out that Spinning is a form of exercise that simulates a group cycling training, with the use of stationary bikes, music and heart rate as tools.

A very positive point of Spinning classes is that the student be able to have control of the load and intensity tailored to their needs. This is because the bikes - which are suitable for the practice - allow this load change and speed, as well as the trunk lift (the handlebars allows different levels of grip).


  • Gilberto Ambrogi points out that one of the main benefits of Spinning is the high caloric expenditure. "You can burn 400-800 calories, depending on the practitioner's characteristics (sex, age, weight and physical condition) and the intensity of the class," he explains.
  • Professor of Bio Ritmo adds that the Spinning improves cardiovascular capacity.
  • Gilberto explains that the classes improve tone the legs and buttocks.
  • The Spinning classes are quite nice, especially given the choice of songs.

The importance of music in class Spinning

Gilberto Ambrogi explains that the choice of music during the class gives the student a clear reference intensity and the type of terrain to be simulated at the time (flat / uphill).

"In addition, the soundtrack has strong motivational appeal and it is up to the teacher to use this tool to achieve their target audience," says the teacher.

Who can practice Spinning?

Spinning: good reasons to practice it - Women Tips

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Gilberto explains that anyone who can ride can do Spinning classes. "The absence of impact, the intensity that can be individualized and the low amplitude of the involved joints allow its practice by people who often were discouraged to practice other physical activities," he said.

But in general, the direction is the same. Before starting to practice any regular physical activity is essential to consult a doctor.

How many Spinning classes practice a week?

Gilberto Ambrogi explains that when there is a periodization of the classes, the person can practice spinning daily, respecting at least one day of rest.

Periodization is the schedule of classes. There are sessions "mountain", in which students must make enough strength to work the leg muscles; others prioritize fat loss; and interval workouts, which are made for students to gain breath and improve fitness.

"In academies where there is no timeline, usually all classes are very intense, and so it is not advisable to practice every day," said Professor Gilberto. Check out the video below as it is a Spinning class at the gym:

important tips for practicing Spinning

  • Before starting the activity, adjust the seat and the height of the bicycle handlebars, always in accordance with the teacher's guidance;
  • Always hand a washcloth, even to prevent your hands from slipping on the handlebars;
  • Bring a bottle of water and hydrate during class;
  • Try using frequencímentro during class. This device serves to monitor the heart rate and thus is easier for you to burn fat.

Spinning Jump X

Besides Spinning, Jump the classes also stand out much in gyms across the country. But anyway, which one offers more benefits?

Gilberto explains that Jump has the advantage of the impact, which helps in calcium retention, and the intensity of the classes, which leads to a large caloric expenditure. "The Spinning in turn, when periodized, can be practiced every day and is a gentle activity to the joints and muscles of the body," he says.

Also according to the teacher, there is no better or worse activity. "I would say even that practice combined these activities during the week may bring even greater benefits to women," concludes Gilberto Ambrogi.