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Photo: Thinkstock

The black-skinned women can celebrate, because they are privileged by nature. This is because the black skin has more advantages than light skin. Starting with the large amount of melanin, a natural sunscreen that protects the skin against the sun's action and makes the skin more resistant to the effects of aging. The high collagen content ensures greater elasticity of the skin and how the legs are firmer, is more difficult than the dreaded cellulite appear. Despite tougher, black skin does not dispense daily care. And they are quite simple, check.

daily care for black skin

In the morning, do a deep clean by washing your face with a suitable soap. Next, apply an astringent. As the black skin is more pigmented, it is more likely to spot. So before leaving home is essential to spend a sunscreen. Preferably, the product should be oil free (no oil), not to increase the facial oiliness and must have at least SPF 15. Before bed, repeat the cleaning with soap and astringent lotion and follow with a moisturizer that containing vitamin C or hydroxy.

To keep the skin always beautiful body, just use a moisturizer with grape oil, hazelnut or macadamia nuts. At the time of applying, give special attention to elbows, knees and feet, which are usually dry and with a whitish appearance.

Dark skin and aesthetic treatments

The black skin needs extra care when making aesthetic treatments because if not well prepared before and after each procedure, may be damaged. When attacked, this type of active skin melanin and collagen, increasing the risk of scars and dark spots appear. But that does not mean you have to go away from aesthetic treatments. There are more superficial peels and lasers specific applications, which are softer and less aggressive skin.