hair shielding - Women Tips

The damage caused to the hair by brush, procedures with chemicals such as straightening and coloring, as well as exposure to the sun and humidity, pollution, and other aggressors, end up leaving the weak and lifeless strands.

And when the hairs are damaged, even after spending a long time taming the hair is only time to turn, the moisture increase to the wires begin to be rebellious and there goes all the effort.

So, nothing better than to resort to treatments that restore the original structure of the wires, restore shine and full force. The hair is a shielding these treatments.

What is hair shielding?

The hair is a shielding treatment renewing the texture of the hair, moisturizing and restoring the inner layers of wires. As is treated from the inside out, the result is the increased resistance, the reduction in volume and frizz. The hair is literally "armored" against further aggression.

The shield the hair is indicated even for those who have done brushing progressive, since the products used do not contain chemicals like formaldehyde and does not have the smooth wires function. In fact the result to appear, but the smooth maintenance is because the damaged fibers are repaired.

The great secret of the capillary shielding technique is silicone. During treatment, it closes the cuticles of the wires, making them more aligned, prolonging the durability of other treatments, maintaining balance and preserving the hair structure.

The procedure takes about an hour and maintaining the shield wires does not require anything special. Leaving the salon, you can wash and attach the wires at will, it is also released dye or make lights. The only concern is to avoid washing with anti-residue shampoos, it removes the shielding products and result lasts less. Washing hair day in, day out, the screen remains on the wires for about three months.