It is always good to be in the company of that inseparable friend, with whom you can always count, exchange confidences, share the best moments. But what about when the friendship is broken? How to act when the differences speak louder and fights happen? How to renew a friendship?


In a reconciliation of friendship, two attitudes are essential: let your ears and heart wide open. The hardest part may be take own mistake. It is an attitude that requires courage. Being aware of the error itself is the easiest way to learn how to act properly. And most importantly, know that it should not be repeated.

Try to analyze how it happened, put yourself in the person's place and seek to understand the attitude of each. Think, put your ideas in order. Do not be afraid to be the first to apologize because this can be the salvation of a great friendship.

Take a step in favor of their friendship

Invest in rapprochement. Look for that special person and have a chance to chat. Speak softly, demonstrate their willingness to fix the error and the need to renew the friendship.

During the conversation, give her a chance to speak. Even if she has something not very nice to say, talk in a civilized manner without exchange offenses. Listen to what your friend has to say what she thinks, talk about the differences that have emerged and ended up messing up their friendship over time.

A tip to make the pleasant meeting and relive the good times, is to take an object that marked your friendship. It can be a gift she has given a picture of you together, a letter, something that brings good memories.

Nothing hurts

After talking and return to be friends, try to forget the problems that existed between you. Brood past mistakes does not help and only cause further estrangement. So if an annoying situation that happened has been clarified and slips have been forgiven, do not be bringing this subject up again.

Start a friendship can not be so simple, but it is worth trying. And do not forget that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, so think carefully before you judge other people's attitudes.