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Since they do not opt ​​for celibacy, everyone's going through this. Still, losing her virginity still seems to be taboo on which parents, teachers and even doctors do not feel completely comfortable talking.

Much of this difficulty in addressing the issue is remnant of the old belief that sex is immoral, a concept that could not be more wrong. Besides being a manifestation of love and responsibility for maintaining the living human race, many studies have shown the importance of sex in various spheres of life. The humor, the mood and even health are just a few areas that can improve through sex. To finish off the doubts, we respond to five common questions about virginity.

1 - My body will change after the first time?

Some myths are widespread in this regard, but the truth is that nothing changes in the body after the loss of virginity. According to sexologist Laura Muller, "in adolescence, the body changes it, with or without sex. This has to do with hormones: at that time, both girls and boys are living massive hormonal changes that will transform the child's body into an adult body. That is, myth this story that will drop the butt and go limp because of sex after the first transaction. Nonsense! ".

2 - You need to go to the gynecologist before the first time?

Consultation with a trusted gynecologist is recommended at least once a year, for girls who have menstruated. This also applies to anyone who is still a virgin, because it allows the physician to follow the development of the body and go slowly taking any doubts about sex. So go to the gynecologist before the first time will not affect the sex, but it is important to ask questions and learn about pregnancy prevention methods as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

3 - Will it hurt?

"You can not predict whether it will hurt or not. Neither the intensity of pain. Much less if it will disrupt your enjoyment. Each person is a way. Only by living to know! "Says Laura. First of all, make sure it is the right time to lose your virginity. Most women feel pain because it is not prepared psychologically and emotionally for the first time. The fact that a special person to you can help you feel more relaxed and therefore the chances of pain will be smaller.

Furthermore, the excitation time also helps to reduce the discomfort because lubricates the vaginal area and aid in penetration. If it hurts, do not be alarmed because this is considered normal in the early relationships. The good news is that for most women, the pain disappear after the second or third relationship.

4 - Can I get pregnant in the first sex?

The risk of pregnancy exists, yes. Often, even if there occurs a complete penetration, this risk exists, so it is critical to use a condom from the first time. Laura explains that even the lubricating fluid coming out of the penis at the beginning of the relationship can contain sperm.

"There yes (the risk), even if penetration does not take altogether! This liquid coming out of the penis, even before he ejaculates, may already contain sperm. Then, the contact of the penis to the vaginal entrance can indeed bring the risk of pregnancy. If he ejaculates there in the neighborhood too, because the sperm can reach the vaginal canal, "she says.

5 - When the time is right?

The first time is a very special and important time, especially for women. This means that it is up to you - and only you - decide the best time to let go. Yielding to pressure or boyfriend do just because all your friends have done is not a good option.

Choose a very special person for the time being: the ideal is that you like the person's truth and are completely safe with her. Respect your time and when you think it's time, take the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Thus the loss of virginity has everything to be unforgettable.