How to put pictures on the wall - Women Tips

A frame can change the look of the walls of your home or office, but not worth hanging out images on any wall. If placed in strategic locations, frames They are able to give an amazing effect to the environment.

In general, the pictures look nicer and better viewing when hung from the eyes down line. But despite this, there are no rules for put the pictures on the wall. One must take into account the environmental balance, considering that the framework should complement the elements that will be around him and must have personality. It can be highlighted on a wall or just stay close to other furniture and decoration objects.

Not to regret after drilling the wall, the tip is to plan and test the desired composition before placing the pictures definitely on the wall. You can spread the works on the ground in front of the chosen wall and check if the result is exactly as you had imagined.

The classic layout for hang a picture It is centered above the sofa, the double bed or even a sideboard. If you want to follow this classic trend, center the picture both in width and in height from the mobile. To find the ideal position, divide in half the space between the top of the mobile and the ceiling. If you prefer a more modern layout, set the screen to 5 cm from the side of the sofa, for example.

The free wall without leaning against furniture or other objects interfering, are great places to play with composition of multiple frames. You can fix it at different times, including near the floor.

To make a good first impression on visitors, the tip is put a picture in the house lobby. Secure way to frame it is centered and aligned with the upper door frame. It is also possible to hang several pictures in sequence horizontally. Align all of them at the top of the frame and leave 8-10 cm distance between each frame.

This composition frames in sequence can also be used in hallways, that even look great with the tables arranged in the same way that free walls.

Care frames

Frames are decorative items that deserve much care. So if you live in places where there is enough moisture, attention must be redoubled. Be attentive to the remove the picture there are stains on the wall, as this is moisture concentration signal. Moisture can also arise from infiltrations. careful when hang the pictures walls that receive sunlight directly, this can cause color fading and drying of inks.