10 alternatives to killing your cravings for sweets

frozen grapes. Photo: Reproduction

Who likes sweets know how hard to resist a candy, chocolate or a nice package bullet when it hits that uncontrollable urge to eat something with enough concentration of sugar.

However, consuming too much sweet foods can cause weight gain, and other complications that can have a serious impact on their health. Therefore, it is necessary to seek alternatives to remedy the will of candy that are less harmful to our body.

The following gives you some suggestions of foods that can replace that calorie candy full of hydrogenated fat that is a temptation in your life. Note the recommendations and start today to change your diet to have a lighter and healthier life.

1 - Oatmeal: oatmeal is a nutritious, quick and easy option to do and can help you meet the mad desire for sweets. Their preparation takes no more than five minutes, just follow the instructions of the product box.

2 - Frozen Grapes: It may seem strange, but it's a delicious dessert and tastes grape Popsicle. Simply put seedless grapes in a pot and bring to the freezer. And when will give you a sweetie, eat some uvinhas.

3 - Frozen Yogurt: Frozen yogurt can be an alternative to high-calorie sweets that often inhabit our mind at the time of gluttony. But remember: no fill the frozen with treats, but the healthier alternative turns villain.

4 - Baked apple: cut one or two apple into 4 pieces and cook in water. Realizing that she is already softening, remove from heat and let cool. To sweeten a little, ping some honey drops.

5 - Nuts, nuts and dried fruit: make a mix with nuts and nuts (preferably with little or no salt) and dried fruits can help you fight the urge to sweets, but do not overdo the dose because some chestnuts and walnuts are quite caloric.

6 - Sweet fruits: the sweetest fruits such as banana, mango and persimmon are natural alternatives to eat instead of processed sweets. Always carry a fruit with you to work to have something to eat when the will of sweet arise.

7 - Vitamins with fruits: take a vitamin with fruits of your own to kill the sweet will. They are nutritious and will leave you satisfied for a long time.

8 - Hot Chocolate: chocolate with high percentage of cocoa is good for health and can safely replace industrialized sweets. Prepare your hot chocolate with a bitter chocolate and indulge in the cold days of the year.

9 - bales without added sugar: A quick and practical alternative to kill the sweet desire is the bullet without sugar. Currently the market offers a huge range of options on sugar-free candies and these are great to have with you in the bag and use the sweet times of need.

10 - Juice: orange juice, strawberry or grape are good substitutes for traditional desserts. In addition to helping to hydrate the body, they have essential nutrients to human. When preparing your juice, do not use sugar, just let the natural fresh fruit and avoid drinking or preparing processed juices. Make natural juice of the fruit.

It is not easy to escape the desire to eat sweets, however, it is possible to replace the high-calorie sweets and full of sugars for other foods that are sweet, but they hold nutrients and have no industrial added sugar. You're killing your desire to sweet and take care of your health at the same time.