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The first visit to the gynecologist is a situation that must be conducted in a peaceful manner and that enables understanding of the processes involved in this context, so the search for information and support from the family, especially the mother is critical.

According to experts in pubertal children's gynecology, the first visit to the gynecologist should occur when there is any doubt, the nuisance problem relating to the reproductive system or when the girl has menarche - first menstruation, whichever comes first.

The visit to the gynecological clinic at the beginning of puberty, even before the first menstrual period, is also indicated, because this way the doctor can monitor the development of the girl and establish a trust relationship.

1 - Do not put off going to the gynecologist

Many parents for fear that their daughters early start sexual life, not only do not talk about sexuality in family, but also delay the most of the first appointment of the young to the gynecologist, but this postponement can imply major problems because it may have worsening of disease for late treatment or be exposed for lack of support and knowledge, early pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

The girls who realize this posture parents should express their intentions to go to the gynecologist in a conversation that makes clear that the main purpose of the visit is technical and specific knowledge of the body and maintaining their own health through the check up gynecological.

According to the gynecologist Dione Maria Ceschini Tanuri, postponing the trip to the gynecologist can also from the young patient. "Many girls who enter puberty and begin menstruation start to fear the idea of ​​having the exposed intimacy of having the body inspected and probed".

In this case, the doctor advises that there is a dialogue between daughter and parents so that they explain about the changes that will occur and reinforce the importance of the body of knowledge, avoiding the embarrassment of the young would become afraid of the doctor.

2 - Manage constraints with the doctor and family

Another point very conflicting in this process is the choice of doctor. It is common that the family prefers that the girl's gynecologist is the same mother, but often this may not be the best option, since there is the possibility that the young patient does not feel safe with him.

If the young do not feel comfortable with the gynecologist indicated by the family, it must be manifested and have your respected wish, it is essential that the first visit to the gynecologist is free of fear and mistrust, in order to assimilate the information you will receive professional, feel quiet to express his doubts, knowing that will not have their privacy exposed to any other person and let examine.

Regarding the question of whether or not accompanied by a responsible at the first visit, the experts in the field give the solution: they often define that any responsible parent is present in the initial interview, so that helps to answer questions about childhood diseases, and then or remain to be dispensed, according to what the girl show that will make you feel more comfortable.

3 - Knowing what to expect from the consultation

She must prepare scheduling the appointment for a day when you are not menstruating, to be able to take exams if sanitize previously and think of issues to be taken to the doctor - write everything down on paper is a good initiative.

It is also important to know that the query only involves the steps below:

  • Interview: The doctor measures weight and measure of the patient and asks questions about diseases, diet, activity routine and menstruation;
  • Physical examination: The patient is naked, covered by an open apron in front and lying on her legs lifted and separated so that the physician to assess the breasts, abdomen and vulva. If the patient has already been sexually active is also done pap smears;
  • Take doubts: The doctor answers patient's questions about their body development, menstruation, sexuality, virginity, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and possible nuisances.

Therefore, the first visit to the gynecologist is a rich experience in knowledge and painless. Do not be afraid or ashamed of the doctor, seek the experience, rather than be deceived by testimonials from others, take any questions and have a dialogue and rely on family support is essential for this experience to be fruitful and peaceful.