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Photo: Thinkstock

Who suffers from the usual nail-biting know how hard it is to get rid of it. When you least realize already to hand over her mouth biting the corners of the nails. However, there are some tricks you can do to try to eliminate this problem of your life.

In addition to being a habit socially unacceptable, nail biting can also be harmful to your health because it facilitates the entry of bacteria in your body. Another negative aspect of this habit is that the nails are always with a look unhealthy and beautiful.

In view of this, we have selected some tips to help you having this gift habit in their day-to-day and not know what to do to end this practice. Check out our tips to say goodbye to the bad habit of biting your nails:

Take care of your emotional

In most cases, the habit of nail biting arises due to problems such as anxiety and stress. Therefore, one of the steps to be taken to eliminate this problem is to invest in the treatment of anxiety and try to reduce stress in your life.

If you believe that this is what makes you want to nail biting, see a psychologist and try to alleviate their emotional problems. Taking care of your psychological side, it is easier to have control and discipline to end the habit of nail biting, and provide you with better quality of life.

Be attentive to know what are the times when you most gnaws nail. If you want you can ask for help from those who live with you, because usually others perceive better our customs, than ourselves - after all we are used to that. Realizing what are the moments or situations that lead you to nibble on the nail, then the next step is to police and control.

try to relax

Try to have a less hectic lifestyle and do activities that provide relaxation. In moments of great stress, try deep breathing, take a glass of water or take a tour of the site where it is to try to calm down. Other tips include practicing relaxation activities such as yoga and walking.

Use your fingernails to your advantage

One way to stop nail biting is to use an inhibitor enamel. These glazes have a bitter taste and cause you to lose this habit slowly, because each time biting feel a horrible taste.

Another option is to keep your nails always well made and caprichadas with the glaze you like. Check out some tips on how to make the nail on Taster Woman Tips. When the nail is made and colored, it is easier to remember that should not chew and get control.

There is yet another alternative: nails or silicone gel. This can be a great option at all since your nails are larger, beautiful and well cared for - as well as tougher - biting them becomes less interesting.

In order to be encouraged to never come back to nail biting, photograph its beautiful and manicured nails and save the images to serve as an inspiration and you do not come back to biting them.

Notice the people's nails

It may seem strange, but notice the nails of her friends and co-workers can serve to make you stop the habit of biting nails. Every time you see the beautiful nails of her friends, will be willing to have manicured nails too. Just as every time someone realize that gnaws nail to be with the nail completely destroyed, you will see that it's past time to get rid of this habit.

With these tips and a lot of discipline but you can eliminate this habit and always have enviable nails.