Epsom salt: know your health benefits and beauty

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The Epsom salt is a compound called magnesium sulfate, salt or too bitter.

But the product was popularly known by the local name of which is extracted in the region of Epsom, England.

The nutritionist Marcelo Langsdorff explains that its difference from the traditional salt is that Epsom salt is not actually a salt itself. "It is a pure mineral composed of magnesium and sulfate," he says.

The best way to use it will depend on the goal of each person and the intended purpose.

Learn more about this product, including its advantages, forms of use and contraindications.

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4 key benefits of Epsom salt

Epsom salt: know your health benefits and beauty

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Being a natural product and offer health benefits and also in beauty treatments, Epsom salt is being increasingly consumed. Meet some advantages brought by this compound:

1. Anti-inflammatory: of its properties, according to the nutritionist, it is magnesium sulfate which has anti-inflammatory effects for the organism.

2. Aids digestion: Marcelo explains that the Epsom salt consumption is also an ally in the digestion process, favoring the absorption of nutrients and eliminating toxins ingested.

3. Good for the skin: according to biomedical Luciana Godinho, it is widely used in baths and compresses to the skin. "The dermis can easily absorb the compound and the benefits can be observed quickly," he says.

4. Regulatory enzymes: magnesium salt present in the composition that helps to regulate the functioning of more than 300 enzymes in the body.

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How to use Epsom salt

Epsom salt: know your health benefits and beauty

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a consultation with professionals who know indicate the right way to apply or ingest the Epson salt is important. But there are some simple ways to use it on a daily basis. Check it:

In the bath: for the body, biomedical Luciana Godinho says the ideal is to be done in a warm bath tub with a cup of salt and be immersed with the skin for about 10 minutes.

As scrub: for the face, professional indicates add half spoon salt facial moisturizer and apply to the skin. In the body exfoliation can be made while bathing.

In power: according to nutritionist Marcelo Langsdorff, the correct way to consume varies for each case and, therefore, it is important to have professional guidance.

Where to buy

Epsom salt: know your health benefits and beauty

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Usually the houses of herbs and natural foods usually sell Epsom salt, but is not very common to find it in Brazil.

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The easiest is to search the internet, national and foreign sites. Here are a few online stores that have the product:

  • Farma Delivery
  • Earth beauty
  • piping Rock
  • Amazon
  • Dollar Tree

As for the price, a 30 gram package costs on average $ 2.50. The 1 kg, about $ 15.00.


The nutritionist explains that pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics should not make use of Epsom salt. The consumption without professional guidance can also cause some side effects such as vomiting and nausea, diarrhea and stomach irritation.