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Having a clean and tidy home is something desired by many people who love to see everything "shining". Keep furniture, floors and clean rooms is not easy, especially when there is the presence of curtains, blinds, rugs or carpets in these locations. These items require some care to home is always in order.

These parts can have a long life, if your maintenance is frequent and cleaning is carried out properly. Although there are many specialized companies that perform this service, keeping curtains, carpets, blinds and carpets clean is a simple task and can be made by you without many complications.

Ricardo Monteiro, operational manager of Quality Laundry, these items need frequent cleaning because accumulate mites and dust, allowing risks to the health of residents of the house and favoring the emergence of allergies or even contributing to the worsening them. For this, the professional provided the following tips and guidelines to keep these items always clean:

How to clean curtains

When washing curtains, the practitioner guides the curtain leaves the soak twice, 40 minutes each sauce to facilitate cleaning. According to him, we must attend to own tissues in machine washing, because the curtains of polyester and cotton are heavy and can overload the appliance. As the frequency of cleaning, "the ideal is that the curtains are washed at least every six months. And to keep them clean longer, pass the vacuum cleaner once a week, "adds Ricardo.

Step-by-step to clean curtains

The video below shows the most suitable way for washing curtains with eyelets using the washing machine:

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How to clean blinds

Ricardo directs the shutters cleaning is done daily, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop to facilitate removal of the powder. Another possibility would be to use a vacuum cleaner nozzle with a small, preferably in form of "T" on both sides thereof. The ideal is to hire a company that specializes in cleaning this type of blind every two years.

Step-by-step to clear shutters

In the video below, the professional Irene Loureiro demonstrates how to clean the blinds should be performed using a vacuum cleaner:

As clean aluminum shutters

In this tutorial, the blogger Jennyfer directs cleaning aluminum shutters, performing a more thorough cleaning thereof.

How to clean carpets

The provider informs the cleaning of carpets is to simulate the curtains: they must be frequently cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, and every 6 months washing is indicated by a specialized company. If there is something brought down, apply pressure with a clean cloth if liquid waste, or vacuum the place in case of solid waste.

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Step-by-step to clean carpets

Here, the decorator Flávia Ferrari gives tips when making a thorough cleaning on your carpet using a homemade recipe:

Taking carpet stains

Already in this video, the blogger Daniela teaches a mixture to remove old stains, renewing the look of your carpet:

How to clean carpets

As well as the carpets, Ricardo indicates vacuum the carpet regularly. It is noteworthy that stains should be cleaned when they occur so that the carpet is not permanently damaged. A good tip is to apply vinegar on the stain and wipe with a cloth. For a deep cleaning is necessary to hire the specialized company service.

As vacuuming animal hair on the carpet

In this video, the blogger Verlene teaches how to suck animal hair on the carpet and still leave a pleasant smell in the environment:

For questions about cleanliness, it is worth hiring a professional team. So you ensure the durability of your piece.

5 tips to avoid dirt on carpets, curtains and blinds

Prevention is always better than cure and in the case of curtains and carpets this is also true. Here's how to avoid the dirt and keep everything clean for longer:

  1. Since most of the curtains are exposed to sunlight, its fibers are very fragile, so it is not recommended other scrubbing the site with the stain for tissue can break. In this case, the use of a PVC liner is indicated to protect the fabric of fine dust curtains and facilitate cleaning.
  2. To avoid stains on the carpet in frequent movement environments, it is recommended to use carpet or protective plastic mats. So you do not need to be cleaned spots due to heavy traffic in these areas.
  3. The vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Use it repeatedly to keep these items always clean and prevent the buildup of heavier dirt.
  4. Use a clean, soft brush can facilitate cleaning of blinds. Just go through between blades and dust will come out easily.
  5. To remove stains or bad smell of carpets and rugs, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts of both products and spray on the areas that need more attention, taking care not to let the soaked area, since excess moisture can create mildew.

Whether using features like vacuum cleaner or vinegar, or even hiring the service of a specialized company, the care of these decorative items is essential to keep the beautiful house, and organized health days.