Step-by-step how to paint walls - Women Tips

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Your home is in need of a makeover, but your budget does not allow major changes. You decide then that painting the walls can solve the problem and give her a new look.

However, the financial reserves do not allow hiring a professional painter, so you solve venture out and face the challenge of painting the walls of your home. But how to do this efficiently? Check out some tips to help you paint the walls of your home without worry.

1 - Clean the wall

The first step is to thoroughly clean the wall which will receive the ink. For this, use a sponge moistened with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Rub the wall with a sponge to remove dirt.

2 - Enclose the area that will receive the ink

Use masking tape to protect areas that do not receive ink, such as baseboards, plaster moldings and door trim. Glue the ribbon at the outer corner of these areas, making sure that the end of the tape is glued exactly at the meeting of the wall with the protected area.

3 - Apply the primer

The primer is a special ink that prepares the surface for receiving ink. The product allows better adhesion of the ink to the surface of the paint increases durability and provides additional protection to the painted material.

To apply it, pour it into a container, soak the paint roller in the primer, sliding the roller back and forth to remove all the excess and avoid drips.

Make sure that the roller is completely covered with primer and apply it to a section of the wall, passing the roller up and down until the section is entirely covered with a layer of the product.

Continue until the entire wall is covered with a layer of primer, the product reapplying as needed. Tip: Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which are printed on the can of the product, as the drying time.

4 - Paint the edges

Begin by applying paint the edges and areas protected by masking tape. Dip a small brush in the paint, to cover about a third of the bristles.

Apply the paint always in the direction that goes from the tape to the wall, covering about seven centimeters painted wall. Continue until the next surface to protected areas are painted.

5 - Start painting in the form of "w"

Turns out the ink in a container, dip the paint roller in the paint and remove excess. Slide the scroll wall forming a "W", without departing from the roll surface. Repeat, making way contrary, backwards, covering the spaces still not paint until a section of the wall is entirely covered. Continue until the wall is covered with paint and dip the roller into the paint again whenever necessary.

6 - Remove the masking tape and allow the paint to dry

Remove the glued tape while the paint is still fresh, to avoid removing paint has dried. Wait the necessary time until the paint dries completely.

Remember to always protect yourself and the objects and surfaces around against the ink that may drip or fall. Another suggestion is to be very careful when using stairs and climb objects to climb and get paint in the highest parts. Every care is essential to achieve the desired result without problems.