First time in bed: 6 essential sex tips for you - Woman Tips

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The first time a woman is a unique and long-awaited event. Being such an important moment, many fears and anxiety are involved in the loss of virginity. Since we are aware of what happens in an intimate relationship, we are taught to give great weight to this event, and no wonder.

Sexual debut anyone is forever imprinted in his memory. The beginning of our sex life is a time of transition is happening when it is very young, or later.

Losing virginity changes a person's life in many ways. After this discovery, the woman is free to sex, is known better and discover finally the great mystery of what really happens in a sexual relationship.

Some research indicates that the average of the first Brazilian woman's age is around 16 years. But there is no right age for the first sexual experience, although it is important certain maturity and body development. Your first time only have to occur when you want and feel prepared.

A woman's sexuality appears long before that. Our sexual organs are already manifest in early childhood. This absolutely does not mean that children think about sex, but they have sensations in your erogenous areas, and so it is not uncommon to see them touching these parts.

While the boys are even encouraged to know your body and to masturbate, with women the situation is quite different. Girls are constantly scolded when they touch or ask about sex. In our society, still remains sexist and repressive traditions of female sexuality. Until recently, women were not considered well beyond a sexual piece in favor of male pleasure. Our grandparents were reprimanded in obtaining pleasure, and talk about it then, it was extremely frowned upon.

All these cultural charges can leave the woman with many insecurities and locks about sex. What else happens the first time is fear. What will happen, how to please ... We were afraid of, as it is our first time, we do not do it right or do not satisfy the ideal of our partner's sex.

What changes after the first time?

First time in bed: 6 essential sex tips for you - Woman Tips

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Your body will not change much because of sex. The gynecologist Janaina Harfush explains that "changes such as the growth of breasts, the hair, increasing the hips and narrowing the waist, are natural consequences of maturation during puberty women, and may differ from one to another.

These changes have nothing to do with the first sexual intercourse. The only change that happens from night to day is the breaking of the hymen. "Also according to Dr. Janaina Harfush, no external physical change will show that the girl had her first relationship.

To help in this special moment, and who knows, leave it easier, we've gathered some tips for your first time.

Basic Tips for your first time

First time in bed: 6 essential sex tips for you - Woman Tips

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1. Protection is forever

Not because it is your first time that you are protected against sexually transmitted diseases or a possible pregnancy. Use contraception in addition to condoms, it is important to protect your health. And condom use must be present from the start of penetration or oral sex (yes, oral sex can also transmit diseases). Do not believe if they tell you that just a little bit does not hurt.

2. Know your body

For one thing, it is necessary that you know your body. Take a mirror and study your vagina. Women are so sexually repressed that many do not even know how his reproductive organ and is ashamed even to look at. Because we end up with this already. Get to know your body better than anyone else so you can have more control over it than anyone else.

Masturbation is also a great ally for body knowledge: so you will know what gives you more pleasure and better understand what happens at the time of excitement.

3. Choose well your first partner

Like the first time is a very important moment and loaded with lots of privacy, it does not happen to anyone. You do not necessarily need to wait for Prince Charming, but it is good to avoid to be with someone who has no involvement. In that case, your first time can be somewhat frustrating.

4. Know what happens

Ask friends or relatives the sex details. It will be better if you already know what happens to not have many surprises. . Dr. Janaina Harfush recalls the importance of consulting a doctor both before and after the first time: "Prior to clarify all doubts with the doctor. Ideally, the girl already initiated sexual life in use of any contraceptive method in addition to condoms and, in addition, to clarify all your doubts. Then, to see if all is well and to start the Pap smear. "

5. Do not expect a wonderful experience

It is not impossible for you to reach orgasm, but the most common is that the woman did not get there the first time. To reach the climax, women need to be good about themselves and without paranoia, a state that can be difficult to achieve at first intercourse. Also do not worry about being the best in bed: it's your first time, so keep the focus on you.

The sexologist Walkíria Fernandes explains that "our sexual learning is full of myths, prejudices, collections and expectations of a good performance during sex. Obviously all this ends up contributing negatively impacting our sexual satisfaction. For men it is expected to have and maintain an erection to satisfy his partner, and for women, the fear of pain the first time. So the best way to have a hot sex, is each seek to focus attention on themselves and not erotic sensations in almost obligation to meet the other. "

6. Relax

Try to surrender to the moment and enjoy. Yes, it's easy to say, it is difficult to put into practice. But if you follow the above tips, you will certainly get to safer time. No doubt it is a tense moment, but believe me: you've got there is now relax and be delighted with this new discovery.

Studies indicate that the first time can influence your sex life for years. So capriche and good luck!