How to avoid domestic accidents - Women Tips

Domestic accidents always happen, some objects and situations in the home that can be simple for adults, pose risks for children. And as children are increasingly curious, surprising the adults at all times, you need to take extra care to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Staying indoors, small dealing exploring the environment in several ways. To them everything seems toy, everything is interesting and fun. The child is not able to assess the danger and, as younger she has, the greater the risk of being involved in accidents. And it's a snap they happen. Domestic accidents can cause from minor scratches to choking, suffocation, burns, drowning and poisoning.

Check out some basic care tips that serve not only to mothers, but also for the grandparents, aunts, godmothers can prevent children from getting hurt inside.

Toys:When choosing a toy, age and the child's abilities must be taken into account. Small toys and parts that can come loose easily be swallowed and should be avoided. Also keep out of reach of children small objects, such as coins, buttons, bottle caps.

Medicines: They must be stored in high places and locked preference, since children are very observant and always paying attention to everything that adults do.

taken: Children can take the shocks stirring taken. Therefore, use special guards for the outlets and protect the wires.

Furniture: The arrangement of furniture of each room must be taken into account. Remove furniture that can facilitate children's access to windows and high places. Also be careful with drawers and doors, where children can pinch your fingers.

Kitchen: Keep knives, scissors and other sharp objects in hard to reach places, as well as matches and alcohol. Avoid long tablecloths, it's a way to avoid that the child can pull it and pour hot food. On the stove, use the mouths back and always keep the cables of pots facing away from the flame, preventing them from being pulled. Also beware of possible gas leaks, always check that the cooker and the gas hose buttons are in order.

WC: Ideally, the bathroom door is locked and the toilet is always closed. bath tub only with an adult supervising a simple oversight can cause drowning. Before placing the child in the bath, mix the water. first put cold water, then the temperature and hot test. The razors and hair dryers should be always saved.

Windows, balconies and stairs: Who have children at home, and especially in apartment, must install railings and safety nets on the windows and balconies. Stairs should have handrails and the floor should not be slippery. Try to place barriers, guards and gates at every entrance leading to the stairs.

Service area: The buckets, bowls and other containers should be kept empty and downwards. Plastic bags can cause suffocation, so it must be kept. The iron must never be switched on when not in use and when switched off, never leave the thread unwound. In addition to high temperature, the iron present risks for their weight and electricity. chemicals and cleaning are highly toxic and some are flammable, so they should be left in safe places.

Garden: Know well the plants in your garden, some may be toxic and poisonous If there in your garden, it is preferable to be removed or planted in inaccessible places for little ones.

Places to play: Falls can cause serious injury, so make sure the playground equipment are suitable for the child's age and, in addition, be aware of hazards like broken surfaces and signs of rust. The house slab is not child's play place, falls are almost always fatal. the child directed toys should not be used near swimming pools, stairs and other spaces that can present a risk of accidents. Teach children to fly a kite away from electrical wires, only outdoors.