Thai massage - Women Tips

Massage has many already known properties such as stress relief, therapy and relaxation. However, massage can also be a powerful tool pleasure when done with passion.

Thai erotic massage is a type of massage that aims to prepare the ground for sexual intercourse. In Thai massage, the movements used are not meant to provide relaxation, but to let your partner even more crazy for you in bed.

For the same reason, it is possible that the couple want to stop the massage as soon as the weather is warm enough. If you feel it's time, do not do it. But if you think you can, cause it continuing the same massage to realize that he wants to leave to the next step. This will leave you even more excited.

Remember that men like to be provoked, but need not exaggerate, everything has a limit. The hot provocation is one that leaves one wanting more, causing him to invest further in the night with you.

It is noteworthy also that present your partner with a Thai massage is a great opportunity for you to show you like erotic massages and would also like to receive them.

How do Thai massage

In Thai massage, the secret is to use your own body to massage it. This can also be incorporated into foreplay sex. Let your body touch the it is a very sensual way to excite a man.

The first step to let the hot weather is lights out but leave the room with enough light so they can see and enjoy the moment. Leave already chosen an oil for sensual massage and separate one super sexy lingerie you have in the wardrobe. Then, at time H is only the following steps:

  1. Take your partner to the room and let him lie on the bed making sensual movement of her body against him;
  2. and pass the oil between your hands and move them to heat the palm and start the massage;
  3. Rub the inside of his thighs making circular movements and approaching his body against him;
  4. Stroll with your hands until the groin, but without touching the penis, leaving your breasts rest against his legs;
  5. Make lateral moves to the inside of the leg, the entire length of the leg and pushing harder to get close to the groin;
  6. Then massage the abdomen, up through and opening onto each side of the chest;
  7. Almost lie about it and almost kiss him to provoke him further, but just keeps massaging;
  8. Touch her breasts in his body and go down to get close to the groin;
  9. Feel about your partner and massage it with your private parts, you can start at the bottom, then turn and stroking his cock with his private parts;
  10. From there, release the imagination and massage a little more to feel that the time is spicy enough to cherish even more intimacy in the preliminaries.

During the massage pay attention to his reactions to know when to trigger more and when leaving for sex. To make this even more spicy massage, stimulate his sexual member with a little oil in the hands. Surely this will leave him very excited.

The erotic massage can be quite different, just be creative. A tip for you to get even more comfortable is to forget the modesty and put up the pleasure of shyness. And why not combine the massage with a strip, removing a piece of underwear every different movement massage? Try and have even more pleasure to two.