Vitanol A: dermatologist clarifies all your doubts

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If you suffer from wrinkles, expression lines, acne, skin blemishes and even stretch marks, treatment with tretinoin can be effective. Tretinoin is a retinoid indicated for the treatment of various skin problems and marketed under the name of A. Vitanol

What is it and how the Vitanol A?

The medicine is available in cream and gel and it is dermatology professional paper set which of the two formulas is most appropriate in each case. oilier skins, for example, typically react better to gel product.

A dermatologist Helena Zantut explains that this drug "is very old, is topical retinoic acid", ie it should be used externally and not swallowed. She says that the Vitanol A "improves fine wrinkles, but must be used with the accompaniment of a dermatologist."

There are risks from the use of Vitanol A?

Helen explains that, just like any other dermatological treatment, consulting a professional is essential if the results are satisfactory. In addition, it is important not to overdo the use, according to the dermatologist: "[recommended] that used for a short time, otherwise it is proven that [the drug] can narrow the skin, breaking blood spider veins that permeate and furthermore, cause wrinkles due to the constant inflammation caused by retinoic acid (tretinoin). "

She also points out that the dosage needs special attention, so that the skin is not impaired. "If used with a very high dosage, Vitanol A can irritate, spotting more, flake, among other problems," he says.

Another factor that can not be overlooked is the use of sunscreen during treatment. Once the skin is thinner due to acid, only relinquishing shield can be a serious error, leading to injuries and burns.

Where to buy Vitanol A?

The Vitanol A can be easily found at any pharmacy or drugstore, including the Internet. In our research the cheapest place to buy Vitanol The Onofre is in pharmacy. The price ranges from $ 26.02 to R $ 32.82, according to the dosage.

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If you are interested in making use of the product, first make an appointment with the dermatologist you trust, so that he can evaluate your history and clinical picture before setting the best treatment for your case specifically.

You can check the full prescribing information for The Vitanol this link.

Using the Vitanol A?

The ointment should be applied on clean skin without makeup residue or other products. To avoid severe skin reactions, it is important to use the Vitanol Just before going to bed. Any light you expose your skin after applying the product may cause tissue damage.

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The dermatologist's recommendations should be followed. Some professionals indicate everyday use, while others defend intervals of one day between applications - and why it is so important to the accompaniment of an expert.

It is also critical to remove the product with a mild soap (or soap specially designated by the professional) every day in the morning.