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Photo: Thinkstock

Who's already been or blonde knows reach the ideal tone not as easy as it sounds. The natural color or the base color, in the case of already dyed hair, directly influence the outcome. So, the color the hair will achieve hardly looks like the box, because it varies greatly from person to person.

Over time, it is inevitable to see the "yellowing" taking the place of that wonderful blond, pale gray and you took hours to get the room. Even when protected, the blond strands are not free from this inconvenience, but the problem is simple to handle and can be solved at home even with some tips on how to get the yellow hair.

When this happens, the solution is to correct hair color using a tone that is able to neutralize the effect. There are lines on the market of specific products for this purpose. Shampoos are normal, but with a different color, blue, purple and gray.

These products are most recommended for the maintenance of clear tone and to avoid the problem, but can soften a bit the look and still return the brightness of the wires.

Depending on the result you want to achieve and the intensity of the hair yellow, it uses a different color. Overall, the violet tone serves to neutralize yellow hair. And to counteract hair with very strong colors, which come close to orange, gray and blue are the most suitable.

Products to get the yellow hair should be used once a week. If the hair is very yellow, the ideal is to use more times on alternate days until the short color. Also pay attention to hydration, as the blond hair tend to be more dry chemistry.