The power of stimulating massages - Women Tips

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After a hard day's work, nothing better than a massage to vent the accumulated tension and leave the body relaxed. If it is made by a loved one and is accompanied by a lot of affection, no one can resist.

A good massage can help the couple come loose, revealing feelings before unexplored by touch of hands and making sex more enjoyable. To surprise your partner, it pays to know the most sensitive areas to stimulating massages.


Start with the ears can be a good way to prepare the beloved for what is to come. Men are even more sensitive than women to touch this area of ​​the body, so invest your time in it. Pass the window from inside the ear and then lightly press the lobes with the thumbs and forefingers. As everyone knows, kisses on the ear are always welcome, so also use and abuse of this feature.

Shoulders and back

Because they are large regions, the possibilities are numerous. Start massaging the shoulders, with firm strokes of "kneading", using the entire surface of the palm and fingers. This technique helps to relax and release tension. Then move to the back of the shoulders, rubbing his palm on firm and slightly circular motion, covering the entire region.

From the back, use your fingers to run all the partner's spine with small pinches. They should be firm, but can not be a nuisance, so know dose the force applied. Up and down several times with the same fluid movement.

Finally, massage the entire region of the back, alternating between the palm and fingers, and even varying between firm and soft footsteps. The mixture of the different movements is always exciting. Again, kisses and caresses can and should be added.


Facing the partner or, preferably, lying on it, rub your palms on your partner's chest, alternating light and firm strokes and complementing the massage with kisses in the area.


Invest in soft vertical movements, stopping from time to time to go through the navel with his tongue.


Important and contradictory, feet deserve special attention. They are a source of great relaxation, as well massaged. Avoid movements with the fingertips and other soft touches, which can cause tickling.

inner thighs

Last step before sex itself, massage the inner thighs is the icing on the cake. Start from the knees and move up, using your palms on firm movements to the groin. To enhance the effect of massage, repeat it several times until your partner do not resist more and pull it to the real action.

To further spice up the massage, try using an aromatic oil. You and the cat will be surprised.