Photo: Playback / Dudi and Lariz

Photo: Playback / Dudi and Lariz

The baked rice is a dish that has reserved place at the table of Brazilian families. Seeking to reclaim the remains of a previous meal, prepare a baked rice is a great option to avoid waste, developing a whole new dish from the food that would be thrown in the trash.

The oven rice recipe underwent changes and adaptations over the years, but some features remain today: the creaminess, the variety of added ingredients such as vegetables and various meats that enrich the dish and convenience in preparation.

Be the meals of the day-to-day or at the Sunday lunch that brings together the whole family, the oven rice has become a complete and versatile dish: pleases the most varied tastes. Aimed at the reuse of food, inspire the recipes below and start to prepare this tasty dish.

Recipes baked rice practices

Photo: Playback / pinch

Photo: Playback / pinch

1. Simple oven rice: this recipe takes simple ingredients and easy access to add flavor to the dish. All capable of substitutions according to what you have in the fridge.

2. Oven Rice parmigiana: using ingredients such as cheese, ham and tomato sauce, this baked rice has Italian air, pleasing those who love a pizza.

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3. convenient and fast oven rice: using the microwave oven, this recipe in addition to practice, does not take more than 10 minutes to complete. Ideal for those who do not have time to prepare a lengthy meal.

4. oven rice with spinach and cheese: Here spinach is the star of the dish. Vegetable rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, is an adjunct in protecting the prostate cancer.

5. Oven Rice in Portuguese: Creamy rice takes on your pepperoni preparation, cheese, peas and pumpkin. A variety of flavors that combine to take us to the Portuguese dishes.

baked rice with assorted meats

Photo: Playback / The World's Best Restaurant

Photo: Playback / The World's Best Restaurant

6. rice with minced meat sauce and white: add white sauce, ground beef, grated carrot and cheese rice already cooked and ready! Just bake gratin.

7. the oven Duck Rice: using duck meat, a rich meat in iron and vitamins, this rice to the oven wins gourmet air.

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8. baked rice with chicken to pizzaiolo: rice with pizza face, takes grilled chicken breast, tomato sauce and sour cream. Ideal to kill the desire to eat a snack.

9. oven rice with dried meat and curd: rice extremely creamy taste results in that reminds us of a mixture of two other plates: carter rice and jerky escondidinho.

baked rice with fish and seafood

Photo: Playback / Chef Taico

Photo: Playback / Chef Taico

10. the oven tuna rice: with only 4 ingredients, the preparation of this dish is simple and fast, and is rich in omega 3 fatty acid that helps in proper brain functioning.

11. Rice cod: practical dish that can be prepared ahead of time to serve and be taken to the oven only at meal time. Take cod, tomato and olives in the composition.

12. Oven rice with shrimp: rice creamy, rich in zinc, magnesium and phosphorus from the use prawn, results in a visually beautiful plate.

13. oven rice with seafood: for seafood lovers, as well as squid, mussels in this dish uses its preparation, making it rich in iron and vitamins.

14. Chicken rice with seafood and cheese: using a mixture of seafood and chicken, this dish is full of vitamins and flavors.

15. oven rice with salmon: this rice to the furnace uses brown rice and salmon cut into cubes. A good choice for do not want to get away from the diet.

baked rice creamy

Photo: Playback / Cooking for 1 or 2

Photo: Playback / Cooking for 1 or 2

16. Rice to the oven to coconut milk: coconut milk, typical northeastern cuisine, is the ingredient used to give creaminess to the dish. Accompanied by cheese and vegetables, makes the dish even tastier.

17. Creamy baked chicken rice: this dish, the word is reuse. To prepare it, use leftover cooked chicken, cream cheese and vegetables.

18. creamy rice with smoked bacon: the highlight of the dish is the smoked bacon sauce and sliced ​​mushrooms, which gives the dish a special refinement.

19. Creamy baked chicken rice and curd: with easily accessible ingredients, the preparation of this dish takes shredded chicken and cheese, which ensures the creaminess and taste the same.

20. oven rice with sour cream: taking milk and Parmesan cream, this dish is easy to prepare and creaminess unique.

differentiated baked rice / fit

Photo: Playback / Chicken Pequi

Photo: Playback / Chicken Pequi

21. oven rice without meat: using two types of cheese and beet, this rice plus cream is rich in vitamins and antioxidants due to the use of this root.

22. vegetarian baked rice: ideal for those who want to not consume meat, this rice uses assorted vegetables and cheese mines to ensure the distinctive flavor.

23. colored oven rice: practical recipe and quick, just mix the ingredients and take them to the oven. If you eat meat, replace the glutadela for ham.

24. full and vegan baked rice: for this plate, it uses the seitan a "gluten meat", i.e. a food made from wheat protein which is used to replace meat in vegan recipes. Worth a try.

25. Oven Brown rice: Revenue fit, takes rice and diced chicken in preparation. Great option for those on a low-calorie diet.

Now just check what's in the fridge and put into practice these recipes. Recalling that the dish is versatile, and any vegetables or meat sauce is a great accompaniment, leaving the dish even tastier!