21 recipes of delicious sequilhos that melt in your mouth

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For many sequilho brings childhood memories. Many families have their own "secret" at the time of preparing these cookies; others bet on classic recipes ... Anyway, the fact is that it is difficult to find someone who resist these delicious cookies that melt in your mouth!

Preparations usually classical fashion, with cornstarch, butter, eggs and refined sugar, sequilhos can still make different flavors, with the addition, for example, condensed milk, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla and whatever your creativity allows.

But the fact is that regardless of how it is prepared (traditional or more elaborate form), the sequilho is the perfect accompaniment to the famous black coffee, for tea, or simply to be served as a dessert or afternoon snack . Enchants adults and children and best of all: its preparation is simple and the performance, in general, is great.

Inspire yourself with the recipes below and choose your favorite!

traditional versions

21 recipes of delicious sequilhos that melt in your mouth

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1. Simple Sequilho: are easy (and quick) to do; crumbles in the mouth and make a great companion for coffee! It is also a great way to put the kids in the kitchen and create delicious memories!

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2. Sequilho that melts in your mouth: ideal to accompany a coffee or tea and also to be served to the visitors. The preparation is easy and the yield is 150 biscuits. Great choice for the weekend!

3. Sequilho of straws: Delicious and easy to make. You need only butter, egg, sugar and refined flour.

4. Sequilho coconut with egg: those that melt in the mouth. The recipe is quite simple, but the result does not lack! The sequilhos are even a great choice of souvenir / treat for someone special, just put in a pretty package and present.

5. without egg coconut Sequilho: revenue of promise are delicious cookies that melt in your mouth, with that taste of coconut in the background. In addition, revenue is facílima and you only need cornstarch, flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar and shredded coconut.

6. Sequilhos 1, 2, 3: in addition to delicious, this recipe is a great program to make small ... They will love to be creative in the kitchen and still try delicious cookies that are ready almost 15 minutes. The recipe is so named because they are used 100 g sugar, 200 g butter and 300 g of wheat flour.

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7. Sequilho condensed milk: with only four ingredients you make a nice batch of sequilhos and can vary both the size and the shape of your cookies. You will use condensed milk, corn starch, egg and softened butter.

8. Sequilho condensed milk and vanilla: an important tip in this recipe is, after turning off the oven, wait a few minutinhos before removing the sequilhos. This is because if you try to remove them as soon as they leave the oven, they break or leave the bottom of the form. So be patient and wait about 3 minutinhos.

9. Sequilhos lactose-free and gluten-free: you need only cornstarch, eggs, oil, salt, coconut milk, culinary sweetener (or sugar), margarine without milk. Then the trick is to add cocoa drops in some cookies and guava pieces in others.

10. Sequilho with guava: cheap revenues and yields enough. The cookies are those that give desire to eat nonstop and melt in your mouth. An important tip is to make guava, that more durinha, so it does not melt too and drain in the oven.

11. Grandma's Sequilho: the recipe yields about 80 sequilhos. That is, is great choice for when it will receive visitors at home. You only need butter, sugar, egg, cream, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking powder, grated coconut and guava.

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12. cream Sequilho: revenues resulting simply in delicious cookies that melt in your mouth! You will use cream, unsalted butter, sugar, sea salt, hillbilly chicken egg, baking powder without gluten and corn starch.

special Sequilhos

21 recipes of delicious sequilhos that melt in your mouth

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13. Sequilhos cinnamon and chia: a recipe that yields enough, it is easy to do and to top kill that urge to eat a sweetie along with coffee all day. It is a functional sequilho, gluten, ghee made from butter, coconut sugar, chia and cinnamon (which is a natural thermogenic).

14. Sequilhos brigadier: recipe that delights adults and children! You only need condensed milk, chocolate milk, butter and cornflakes. Once ready, the tip is save in a completely sealed pot to not soften.

15. Sequilhos with touch of coffee: Practical and delicious, are those that melt in your mouth! One tip is to prepare these cookies to gift a loved one. You need only fresh flour, sugar, butter, egg and baking powder.

16. Lemon Sequilhos: a different touch to these cookies so adored! You need lemon (or Tahiti), refined sugar, flour, butter and more refined sugar to pass the sequilhos.

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17. Sequilhos lemon: a basic recipe of condensed milk sequilhos enhanced with lemon. The result? Sequilhos that crumbles in the mouth and with a special taste of lemon falling nicely for the cold days, to accompany a hot chocolate or other hot beverage.

18. Sequilho cornmeal with cardamom: this version of the classic cookie cornmeal is fragrant and very easy to do. Of course, gives to exchange cardamom for classical fennel if you prefer! The perfect accompaniment for a good coffee.

19. Cinnamon Sequilho: cinnamon brings a special touch to cookies, which are ideal to be served with tea or coffee. The recipe calls for cassava starch and is very easy to do, just mix, knead, shape and bake!

20. poppy seed Sequilho: you will only use the poppy seeds to give a special touch, egg, condensed milk, margarine or butter and cornstarch. The preparation has no secret!

21. milk powder Sequilho: butter are well tasty, with a special texture because of the milk. If you wish, you can decorate with a little tempered white chocolate and sugar confectionery. Great choice to accompany the traditional black coffee.

traditionally made or gaining new ingredients, sequilhos are great choice to keep that coffee or tea to offer to visitors and even for gifting.