Are you ready to be a mother? Do the test!

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You always dreamed of being a mother, having children, care for them, take them to school and give all the care and love they deserve and need, just that you sometimes find yourself wondering whether it will be a good mother and suffers in advance without know if you are prepared or not for the task? If you are going through this doubt, check the test below, reponda all questions truthfully and find out if your maternal moment has arrived.

  1. You lose your temper easily?
  2. Sometimes I lose but even more on the TPM.
    Only when something very absurd.
    am "impatient".

  3. How is your professional life?
  4. Stable. I'm happy in my job and satisfied with what I do and gain.
    We currently have no job.
    I am employed but looking for another opportunity.

  5. You've taken care of any pets?
  6. No, I do not like pets because a lot of work.
    Yes, but they were few and am not a big fan of animals at home.
    Yes, I love pets and I love taking care of them, walking, bathing and food.

  7. You take care of your food?
  8. Yes, whenever I can I eat healthily.
    Yes, but how life is running, sometimes I end up eating anything.
    Not much. The rush of day-to-day hinders my diet.

  9. Would you be willing to sacrifice nights ballad / fun to keep the baby, taking care of him?
  10. I do not intend to sacrifice my fun, so I think hiring someone to take care of the baby while you are out.
    Yes, but if you can leave the baby with someone for me to leave, I leave.
    Certainly. I would not mind to leave to leave to be with my son.

  11. Do you consider yourself a responsible person?
  12. Fully. I never cease to fulfill my duties.
    I often forget my commitments and do not like to have responsibilities.
    I am responsible, but sometimes I have my slips of irresponsibility.

  13. You still dependent on your parents?
  14. Always need their help.
    I can turn me alone.
    Sometimes I need a help from them.

  15. What is your current financial situation?
  16. I owe and spent more than gain.
    I'm calm. I can pay my bills and save money.
    Closing the month with no debt, but there is not much.