Using cream blush - Women Tips

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O blush It serves to give that healthy color in his skin, and produce various effects such as stretch or round the face or along the dust, providing light and shadow techniques, enhancing or masking details.

The creamy blushes, in addition to providing that healthy and natural effect on your look is still super convenient to use.

The first step before using it, is to know the time of purchase, choose the right color blush for your skin. You must know the rule of thumb: neither more nor less, or take home a blush tone above or below the color of their skin.

For pale skin, opt for lighter colors as pink, peach, brown or beige. If you have a skin with rosier trends, you can choose more laden tones of beige and brown usual.

How to apply cream blush on the face?

So that it is not an exaggeration, it is important to control the amount of cream blush placed on the brush. The most correct it before applying to the face, pass the brush in the back of your hand to remove excess.

After this, just apply the blush on the cheekbones horizontally blurring upward toward the ears. If you want a more natural makeup, smiling and with a brush apply the blush on the cheeks in circular motion and fast.

And attention when choosing the brush to use your blush! The brush is as important as the blush and should get soft hair to not accumulate much blush and to facilitate the application.

Following these tips, it's easy to stick to a healthy, just be careful not to overdo it!