Feng Shui - Learn to harmonize your home - Women Tips

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of art to harmonize energy and the environment. It is believed that according to some recommendations, this art can give energy balance for any room of the house through simple changes.

To learn how to harmonize your home, you need to follow the rules of Feng Shui properly. The colors, rounded shapes, arrangements of furniture, natural elements like stones, plants, crystals and decorative items such as mirrors, are the key features of Feng Shui.

Anywhere in the home, cleaning, organization and repair everything that is broken is critical because physical clutter affects the mental and emotional disorder.

To bring positive energy to the environment, the paintings for home decoration should be chosen with joy and prosperity images. The position of the mirror should be chosen very carefully, it should reflect into the house only images like flowers, gardens, animals or images that pass good vibes.


In the bedroom, the mirror does not reflect the sleeping person not to cause emotional stress. The bed should always be diagonally position and not aligned with the bedroom door. Not to favor energy loss, avoid the bed to be built in wardrobe and is positioned beneath the window. Opt for soft colors of bedding, furniture and light-colored objects in even numbers to favor the relationship.

Living room

For a more cozy room, the sofa and the mirrors should be placed in front of the entrance door. The colors of the walls should be in pastel colors and space must have plenty of natural light. If you want to decorate the room with plants, always choose natural, as they bring more joy to the environment and should be placed close to places that emit radiation like television, radio and computer.

The decorative objects like candles, crystals, paintings, picture frames must have bright colors, because they serve to conduct energy in other divisions. Owning aquarium or water fountain in the space symbolizes money and wealth. The water stimulates vital energy and attracts plenty material.


The bathroom must have good lighting, ventilation and a large mirror. The door should not open directly into the living room and must always be closed. The same should be done with the lid of the toilet and drains.

Decorate with bright flowers for balance in the environment. To let off and end the imbalances, put a saucer of coarse salt behind the bathroom door. To reduce the mental stress, use disinfectants or essences the basis of pine.


In order to avoid conflicts between family members, the fire and water elements should stay away. In the kitchen it is necessary that the refrigerator, oven and tap form a triangle with a distance of less than a meter and a half side. To form a barrier in the elements, put plants among them or even a green mat.

The stove should always stay away from the window to prevent the wealth of perspective and happiness escaping. To create a reflection, place a reflective strip or a mirror on the window.

Colors like green, stimulate the creative side, since yellow attracts prosperity and wealth. These colors may be present either in foods like fruits and vegetables, as decorations. Herbs purify the environment in the kitchen has a garden with mint, parsley and rosemary.


According to Feng Shui, the stairs should not be located opposite to the main entrance of the house. By owning the Yin energy accumulation, it is advisable that under the stairs is like a garden with natural stones of bright colors that are rich in energy Yang.


Feng Shui - Learn to harmonize your home - Women Tips

For the circular energy properly, spread all over the house the octagonal instrument used to place the Feng Shui in practice, the bagua.

Each side of this represents an aspiration of life and has a meaning and a way to balance education and spirituality, relationships and health in the family, relationships, creativity, work, friends and prosperity and professional recognition. Hang the bagua always at eye level of the tallest person in the house.

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