6 of Korean beauty secrets you need to know - Women Tips

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The lisinha skin seems made of porcelain, but it is not for nothing that Korean have all this beauty. They invest heavily in skin care, always buying cosmetics that help to remain always beautiful. And beauty products Korea understand, after all, there was the mighty BB Cream came, darling of the moment of all women.

Some of Korean beauty secrets were revealed by actress Go Hyun Jung in a documentary and are very simple to follow. You need only have enough discipline to do everything the right way. A dermatologist Daniela Lemes, medical director of Slim Clinique, in Rio de Janeiro, best explains each of these care. Check it:

1 --Hydrate

Drinking lots of water helps but in the beauty of the skin, as hydration should also be done from the inside out. of topical creams alone do not hydrate the deeper layers of the skin.

2 - Keep the skin clean

Cleanse, tone and moisturize it is important to remove skin impurities and makeup. Toning helps in controlling the pH of the skin. And finally, you must hydrate it. We recommend using a specific soap for your skin cleaning.

The makeup remover will also be set according to the skin type, oily makeup remover need oil free. Already on the tonic, there are several formulas on the market, one that moisturize, revitalize and others that even those that help to heal pimples and control facial oiliness. It should be used after the soap and makeup remover. Finally, the moisturizer. But it's good to talk to the dermatologist and do not buy no indication, as you may have oily skin and buy a product that makes her even more oil, which can cause acne.

3 - neck Treat

The neck is a very dry skin and with less elastic and collagen fibers therefore need collagen stimulation constantly, and constant hydration. Do not forget to use sunscreen in this area because both the neck as the hands are the first areas to report their age. They need sunscreen and constant hydration.

4 - Use face packs

The beauty masks can be used twice a week, according to the need and the type of mask. oily skin can use secativas masks weekly, since the very dry skin can abuse the moisturizing masks.

5 - Sleep well

Sleep deprivation and cause dark circles can take the freshness of the skin. When we sleep, our body easier fights free radicals, which cause premature aging. There are also cell oxygenation, and to rest the muscles of the face. During sleep, we release hormones, such as melatonin, which gives the feeling of well being and promotes cell recovery.

6 - Invest in beauty products

First of all must be the sunscreen. He is the principal agent in the fight against premature aging. We spend mainly on the face, chest, neck and hands. The moisturizer should be used on the whole body. Recalling that the face is different from that used in the body. Do not remove the makeup with soap and water, you must use a makeup remover to clean the pores. The face can still get a facial tonic and a moisturizer.