quick dinner: 24 more practical recipes that ask for delivery

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Quick and easy recipes are prepared in handy at any time of day, but especially at night, often after fatigue is too large to very elaborate dishes.

Have on hand some practical recipes for dinner helps optimize your time at home, so you can do other activities besides spending all your time out in the kitchen.

Cooking at home, break, ensures that you have a healthy dinner, since you can get rid of pizzas, burgers and other typical food delivery and unhealthy. Some recipes are ready in less than 30 minutes, or can be faster than waiting for the food to arrive.

Check out a list of easy recipes, gourmet anything and they do not need elaborate ingredients or complicated techniques. No excuse not to cook anything for dinner, even if you're new!

24 uncomplicated recipes for a quick and easy dinner

quick dinner: 24 more practical recipes that ask for delivery

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1. Pasta in one pot: pasta is always a good choice for quick meals. In this case, it is a very practical meal, since just put all the ingredients in a saucepan, simmer and ready!

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2. Pasta with sausage: this recipe is also made in one pot, but this time the pressure cooker. The result is a very creamy pasta and practical.

3. Spaghetti carbonara: this recipe seems sophisticated, but actually it is very simple and is completed in 20 minutinhos. will not let you test right!

4. Pasta garlic and oil: garlic noodles and oil is a very simple recipe, but very beloved. Besides the taste, it is very practical, is ready quickly and uses very few ingredients.

5. Pancake sandwich: Pancake always gives a lot of work to do in the frying pan, is not it? In this case, it is made in sandwich maker, no mess, no mess and is ready quickly. Great dining option for a person.

6. Stroganoff meat: it has no secret to a good stroganoff. Just sauté the meat and then add the remaining ingredients. While the meat is being braised, you enjoy and let the rice cooking.

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7. Lasagna of bread: you want to eat lasagna, but does not have all that time to prepare and combine the layers? This recipe is the solution. In addition to fast, it is very economical.

8. Lasagna light: this idea proves that you can make a meal fit, delicious and very quick. The mass of this lasagna is bread and the filling made with turkey breast.

quick dinner: 24 more practical recipes that ask for delivery

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9. Potato filled with bacon: stuffed potato is a good choice to vary the menu. It may even seem difficult to do, but it is actually quite simple and is ready quickly. You can also replace the filling by one of your own.

10. Escondidinho potato with ground beef: escondidinho is very simple to do. Just cook and knead the potatoes, stuffing and bake for a few minutes. The best part is that you can vary the filling of choices.

11. Rocambole of ground beef: despite seem complex, the only hard part is to wait until bake completely. To prepare, simply season the meat, roll with the help of a plastic and baking.

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12. pan steak: a versatile recipe and can be made with any cut of beef. Just take all the ingredients to the pressure cooker and cook.

13. bacon Sushi: despite its name, the recipe does not look anything like the oriental dish, beyond appearance. Are stuffed mashed potato balls wrapped with cheese and bacon, a delight.

14. Yakisoba: yakisoba is a very practical course for those who want a quick dinner. Just quickly cook the vegetables, sauté the meat and add to cooked pasta with sauce. The preparation takes 20 minutes.

15. Chess Chicken: another typical dish of oriental cuisine very simple to do. Just sauté the chicken until cooked and add the remaining ingredients.

quick dinner: 24 more practical recipes that ask for delivery

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16. Chicken parmigiana: parmigiana is a classic and one of those recipes that seem sophisticated, but get ready quickly. After all, this is low carb.

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17. Chicken Fricassee: the only hard part and a bit time-consuming recipe is shred the chicken, but you can find the chicken already shredded at the supermarket. Great recipe to call friends for dinner at home, since it is very practical and yields.

18. Chicken with Ginger: a recipe that takes very few ingredients and even helps in the diet. Just sauté the chicken with ginger, add the soy sauce, cook for a minute and is ready.

19. Oven Rice: great recipe to reuse the leftover rice in a delicious way. You can replace some ingredients to lighten the recipe.

20. Rice parmigiana: for who is a fan of parmesan sauce, this is a recipe that will make success. Simply mount in layers as explained in the video and bake.

21. Special Omelette: Omelette recipes are very handy in the kitchen, is the practicality or the nutritional value. It is very simple to make and you can add the ingredients you like.

22. Tacos with avocado and tuna: the tortillas are purchased ready, just heat. For the filling, just mix all the ingredients and serve with the tortillas.

23. Salmon with Greek yogurt sauce: this recipe is ready in just 15 minutes. You will need to prepare the sauce, cover the salmon and bake for 10 minutes.

24. Cod souffle: a recipe calls for just two ingredients, egg whites and cod chips. After mixing the ingredients, is only put into individual pots and bake for 20 minutes. You can add grated Parmesan cheese too.

Now that you have a selection of quick recipes for dinner, you can vary your menu and make time stand still enjoy your rest period. Surprise yourself with the convenience and taste of these recipes today! ��