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Almost every woman is crazy about makeup is nothing new. After all, who does not like to take advantage of some little tricks to get even prettier? Is to enhance the mouth, eyes, or leave the beautiful skin, there is always a little secret that can help further enhance the natural beauty.

1 - Eliminate signs of fatigue

After a sleepless night, dark circles are almost certain the next day. To help reduce them and also reduce the swelling of the face, the tip is to wet a small towel, leave it in the freezer a few minutes and then put on the skin. Hydrate is also important, and to spread the product, take the time to massage the skin. At the time of makeup, disguise the tired look with concealer a shade lighter than the color of the base, preferably in creamy or liquid versions, which are easier to spread.

2 - Uniform eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of the eye and can transform the look on his face. So, keep them in the right format is critical. If you missed and ended up leaving some flaws, we must expect to grow and, meanwhile, to correct with specific products combine defining cream, gel that helps to fix, and color, which should be close to its natural tone. "It is important to remember that these products should be specific to eyebrow. It does no good to use pencil or shadow to the eye because they have a different pigmentation, "explains eyebrow designer Carla Barraqui, of Rio de Janeiro.

3 - Natural Makeup

For situations like work, for example, the ideal is not to look like you're wearing makeup. The recommendation of the hair stylist Meire Carriel, Lo Studio Panamby in Sao Paulo, is a basic makeup that enhances the features. The compact may be dispensed with and, in his place, you can use a light spray texture base or nude base texture, oil free and with a matificado finish, not to leave the marked skin.

Next, apply a blush neutrally, concealer and mascara only to define. Lipstick can be nude or matte shade. And if you want, it can be passed a matte beige tone shadow across mobile eyelid and around the eyebrow.

4 - bulky Boca

Not everyone was born with the luck of famous as Angelina Jolie and Alinne Morais, of course, already have a powerful mouth. But any woman can achieve this effect. The hint of makeup artist Vanessa Rozan, the makeup of St. Paul High School, is erase the drawing of lips with concealer and retrace the outline of 1mm beyond the original format with mouth pencil. Then apply lipstick with hyaluronic acid (that), especially in bright and sparkling colors, which highlight the lips and cause the optical illusion of increase. Finalize passing a gloss in the center of the lower lip.

5 - Sexiest Eyes

The look is the key to seduction and to perfect them is crucial to ensure the success of the production. To make them bigger, go around the outside of the root of the upper lashes with a creamy pencil, making a dash towards the outer corner. On the outside use a precision brush to drag the line and make the tip kitty. Some colors that look good are eggplant, dark brown, black and moss green. Shadow in a medium brown tone on the eyelids, on the pencil, complements the look. Finally, use a mask volume to the lashes.

6 - powerful eyelashes

Cilia also deserve attention and even natural, can gain a false effect thanks to the effect of eyelash curler. Just press it close to the root of the thread for 5 seconds and then take up half the length and tighten again slightly. After that, apply the mask, always supporting the brush at the base of the lashes and going toward the tips, as well as make some subtle moves horizontally. Make into three layers: the first in the entire length, the second from the middle to the tip and the latter only in the corner lashes. To lower, use the brush vertically.

7 - defined Face

The trick is to follow the play of light and shadow, leaving some lighter regions and other darker. To find out which areas light up, senior makeup artist for MAC, Fabiana Gomes, teaches: "In front of the mirror with a light source above the head, move and see where shadows appear. These are places that should be darkened, "he says. To tune the face, use a broad brush and apply the powder following the imaginary line who goes from the top of the apples to the corner of mouth and brighten the center of the forehead with liquid concealer a shade lighter than your skin. And, regardless of skin tone, the ideal is to use a loose powder two shades up color base.

8 - tanned skin

No need to sunbathe to be with guy who has browned. Some products can help to achieve this effect. To begin, choose a base up to two tones up your skin. With a brush, apply all over the face and esfume and the neck line, leaving a natural transition. A translucent powder can be used at strategic points, such as the forehead, under the eyes, chin and stone fruit on the nose. The temples, toward the mouth, spread a bronzing powder.

9 - Beautiful all party

Every woman knows how frustrating it is to make a beautiful makeup for any event and also in the middle of the night makeup start out. Therefore, the preparation of the skin is an essential step to make the makeup last. The use of primer, while protecting the skin's own makeup, help in setting and uniformity of color. Use dry touch of makeup is also a good option.

10 - Do not forget the neck

Foundation and powder two shades more than the skin tone are needed to make the complete and uniform makeup. The hint of makeup artist Viviane Costa, Studio Beauty Sonia Nesi, in Rio de Janeiro, is thoroughly brush the tip of the chin and below it, sliding the brush.