Tips to facilitate the day-to-day housewife - Women Tips

Totally practical and simply careful. Now wife, now mother, now a homemaker. The modern woman becomes multitasking and seeks to find ways to facilitate their daily service in their homes.

For this, they seek appliances and even manuals objects that can help them at work and offer more convenience to the day-to-day.
It was with this objective that the housewife and retired Maria Cecilia de Carvalho reduced the time in their chores. "Before I would spend hours and hours just to run one of my tasks today gained more agility," says Maria.

So the former teacher offers some tips to facilitate the day-to-day housewife. Take note:

1 - Shopping List

It seems to be something simple, but the result interferes with daily routine. According to the retired, making the list with products that are missing in the pantry is a good way to organize. "Grudo the list on the refrigerator, and so things will eventually, I write down. highly optimized my time, because I could have more organization, "he explains.

2 - Supports for warehousing

Investing in a support or even a simple shelf is a good option. "Especially for those who have small grandchildren, put cleaning products out of reach, it is essential. In addition to safety, I can leave my house well organized and easily accessible when I need them, "said Maria Cecília.

3 - Counter for appliances

Opt for the counter in the kitchen reduces food preparation time, and of course, to facilitate handling. "To make dinner and lunch more easily, I always have my view all the appliances you need, so I can prepare food more easily, in addition also to prevent muscle pain when trying to get them in the closet" jokes the former teacher.

4 - Crusher condiments

The home appliance market offers various pricing options, models and even features for those who want to further optimize the preparation time of the meals. "They are great, it is just put the spices in there, he pokes size you want. Me makes it much easier, because while the machine is cutting, I'm already doing something else, "explains Maria Cecília.

5 - bleaches and stain removers

Gone are the days when a woman would spend hours and hours in the washing tank to remove the stain on clothes. Today, you can apply a small amount of own products for this, and wait for a moment that the part is already perfect. "I always try to have the strip reserve spots. They are practical, it has a nice aroma and does not prejudge in any way the piece. It is a good option too, "suggests the housewife.

6 - semi-ready meals

Search freeze meals is a good invested for those who want more easily. "Cooking the beans and store it in containers in the freezer is also ideal. When you want to prepare it, just season and it is delicious as if done on time, "explains Maria Cecília.

7 - Vacuum Cleaner

Contrary to what one thinks, vacuuming is a way to clean it efficiently. "The vacuum cleaners are good to keep and maintain the heavy cleaning you did. They eliminate dust and small debris you can not see easily, "said the housewife.

8 - Cleaning

For women who tend to sanitize the home daily, you can keep it organized and clean, but in another way. Invest in heavy cleaning, including washing windows, tiles and into the kitchen, at least twice a month.

Then just keep cleaning and keep it. For this, a simple sweep is enough. Except the bathrooms should be cleaned more often. To do this, choose to wear gloves and chemicals that facilitate cleaning.

It is also important to ask for help and define tasks for all family members. The division of services entail a more dynamic work, easy to do, and of course, to ensure that everyone knows conserve maintenance of the house. "The division of labor among children and the husband helps in routine. That's because I can take the time to take care of myself and enjoy myself, "says Maria Cecília.