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They say that it is party party has a good cake and delicious sweets! The latter, incidentally, enchanted by the variety! Brigadier, kiss, cajuzinho and quindim are probably the best known ... who never surrendered to them on a birthday, for example ?!

But they are far from the only options! Creativity today is greatly appreciated and therefore abound candy suggestions that can be successfully served in an event - be it a child or adult birthday, a christening, a baby shower, an engagement or even a wedding.

And what you may not know - but that is the best of all! - it is that most of the party sweets can be easily prepared at home without much secret!

In fact, currently, people who choose to make the sweets themselves are not rare, either for the sake of economy, is the desire to participate more actively in preparations for a special event. And if you also part of this "team of people", you'll love the ideas below!


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1. Brigadier gourmet: the great advantage of a gourmet brigadier for a traditional ingredients are used. In gourmet Brigadier is used most noble ingredients, like a good chocolate, condensed milk and a good dose of creativity!

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2. Brigadier Nutella: ideal for those who love sweets and can not resist the delicious Nutella! If you do not have chocolate bar, you can use cocoa powder, but it is not advised to use chocolate as it can be too sweet.

3. Brigadier churros: a combination of texture and delicious and unique flavor. Impossible to eat one brigadier! And best of all is that the preparation is simple and fast. The yield revenue is 10 units.

4. passion Brigadier: A delicious and easy to make. You will only use condensed milk, passion fruit juice concentrate, refined sugar, passion fruit seeds, margarine (to move the hands) and small paper.

5. Lemon Brigadeiro: a delicious, easy and which is ready pretty quick dessert, besides having a great presentation. The ingredients are condensed milk (good quality), limes and straws.

6. Brigadier white with green grape: easy recipe, but it results in delicious sweets. You will use condensed milk, butter, green seedless grapes, sugar or powdered milk. The advantage of using grapes, above all, is that the dessert is not so sweet.

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7. Brigadier of tack: a combination of sensational flavors for sweet lover put any fault! Good tip for the June and julinas parties, but of course you can do whenever the mood strikes!

8. Brigadier cookie: You will use condensed milk, butter, hazelnut cream, cookies and grated chocolate. All this will ensure very tasty and a great texture sweets.

9. Brigadier Pistachio: you can buy pisctahe folder already ready or do yours, as taught in this same recipe. You will also use condensed milk, butter and chocolate. different and very delicious sweets.

10. Brigadier vanilla: a mix of two delicious desserts. You need condensed milk, eggs, butter, vanilla bean, pasteurized cream and granulated sugar.

11. Brigadier Kat Kit: a delicious recipe, perfect for those who love sweets, and easy to do. You will use in addition to the Kit Kat, butter, condensed milk and Nutella. Good tip for children and adults parties, everyone will love!

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12. Milk and Brigadier MM's Nest: the yield is average 25 brigadiers. ideal recipe for those who love innovate in the kitchen and, of course, loves sweets! You only need condensed milk, powdered milk, chocolate and butter type confetti.

13. Brigadier caramel: a different version of brigadier that surely will delight many. You will use sugar, butter, condensed milk, sea salt and brown sugar to roll.

Sweets, candies and variations

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14. Beijinho: a very traditional sweet especially in birthday parties. It is popular among both children and adults. And best of all, it's super easy to prepare.

15. Coconut Bala: a gourmet coconut bullet version you doing much success in candy tables throughout Brazil! It is an easy recipe and you need not even go to the fire. You will use coconut milk, sugar and cornstarch.

16. mother's eye: a delicious and already traditional candy at birthday parties. You will use condensed milk, dry coconut, butter, black plums pitted, eggs and grated coconut to move to end the sweets.

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17. cajuzinho: delicious and well known, the cajuzinho is successful infant and adult parties. In this recipe, the yield is 8 sweets that stay with a great presentation ... So, just adjust the ingredients for the amount you need!

18. standing Bicho: also known as strawberry brigadier, it is a great option for parties! And, detail, if you leave a softer spot, can use up as a filling for cake or pie.

19. Nest milk Sugar: If you do not have big preferences, you can use any milk powder brand, not necessarily the nest. This amount of ingredients yields 20-30 sweets, depending on the size you curl.

20. Casadinho: at weddings, it is believed that honey symbolizes the union of two different people. In addition, it is a sweet simple to prepare, made with white and black brigadier brigadier, and very tasty.

21. Crispy Chocolate: another delicious recipe with simple ingredients and easy to prepare. You'll need chocolate (noble) semisweet, rice flakes, sugar, water and margarine.

22. passion fruit truffle: easy recipe, but delicious. You will need a special plastic forminha for truffles, but if not, do not worry because you can find the forminha easily in supermarkets or stores specializing in patisserie and chocolatier.

23. Cone mashed: You need white chocolate, cream, rum, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cones of wafer and chocolate sprinkles. The preparation time is about an hour.

spoon sweets

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24. Brigadier spoon: a recipe for success that will appeal to most people, as well as being easy to prepare. You will use condensed milk, powdered chocolate, extra unsalted butter and sour cream.

25. Cocada mole: it can also be called cocada spoon. You will use condensed milk, milk, margarine and coconut. Delicious and easy to make, is guaranteed success at parties!

26. Strawberry yogurt: strawberry yogurt this homemade version you will use only four ingredients, which are condensed milk, sour cream, yogurt and juice in strawberry flavor powder. You can also vary the flavor of the dessert, prepared with passion fruit juice, lemon or grape.

27. Passion fruit mousse: it is a simple recipe but which always pleases the right combination of flavors! In pots, the mousse is great to be served in various parties.

28. Lemon Mousse: Delicious and easy, lemon mousse also falls nicely when placed in pots and served at parties. You will only use sour cream, condensed milk and lemon juice.

29. Chocolate Mousse: practical recipe takes just four ingredients. Separate the cream, semisweet chocolate or milk, eggs and sugar, and run prepare this delicious!

30. Quindim the mug: a recipe for microwave, practical, fast, ie, perfect for the rush of everyday life. You will use grated coconut, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, unsalted margarine and vanilla essence.

31. Minipudim: condensed milk pudding is a wonderful recipe to prepare at home and also to serve at parties. It is easy, fast and is a delight, everyone will love! The yield of this recipe is six portions.

32. Bagels spoon: easy recipe that will not fire. It supercremosa and to approximately 12 glasses, you will only use 10 paçocas (stopper) mashed with a fork, 5 tablespoons of powdered milk and sour cream.

33. standing Soft scoop: that sweet known also is very successful when placed in pots to be eaten spoon, good tip for birthdays, engagements, baby shower etc.! You will use condensed milk, strawberry gelatin and butter.

34. Dutch pie in cup: a dessert that no one will resist! You will use eggs, milk, sugar, cornstarch, butter, vanilla, dark chocolate and cream. To decorate, Calipso cookies.

Cakes, cookies and pies

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35. Cupcake: an easy recipe to make and that will delight all chocolate lovers! Yields 12 cupcakes, but I make an extra amount with the certainty that no one will eat just one!

36. Cake pop: it is delicious cakes on a stick. They are beautiful and tasty, and good tip to serve in children's parties, although they also pleasing the adults! If you have never done, it is worth learning the recipe!

37. Petit Gateau: a dessert very successful. The petit nothing more than a cookie, with crispy shell and creamy whole interior. So delicious, it looks mega hard to do, but with this recipe you will want to risk doing today!

38. Brownie: the right recipe for those who love chocolate (and is not diet)! You will use wheat flour, refined sugar, unsalted butter, chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, baking soda and eggs.

39. Donuts: capriche quantity because nobody will stop at the first! You will use whole milk, honey, yeast, eggs, salt, granulated sugar, coconut milk, unsalted butter, flour, milk candy and icing sugar.

40. Cookies: Chocolate cookie is a quick and easy cookie to make. Any chocolate cookie works, but there are some secrets so that it is perfect; and all that you can see here in this clever recipe!

41. Macarons: with crispy cone and creamy filling, these "colored marbles" are very successful in various events, including weddings. The preparation is not of the simplest, but it's not a "big deal", ie, it pays to do your macarons!

42. Honey Bread: a honey bread that is a guarantee of success, is to enjoy at home with the family, is to present, sell or offer at a party. You can do with black or white chocolate. It is a tip!

43. Alfajor: made with fresh milk, this Argentine honey is very successful here. Best of all is that it gives to prepare it simply, the "Brazilian way". In this version, for example, biscuit, he still won a toothpick and is serving as an idea for a children's birthday.

44. Italian Straw: like the cupcakes, gourmet brigadiers and cakes in the pot, the Italian straw can be served at a special event, or can be made for sale, with a guarantee of success!

45. lemon shortcake: to make the dough you will use wheat flour, cold butter, sugar, salt, baking powder, egg and milk. The cream is made with condensed milk and lemon juice.

Sweets adapted to restrictions

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46. ​​Peanut praline: also known as praline. You will use raw peanuts, sugar, salt, water, cocoa powder, baking powder and cinnamon sticks. Great choice for bonfire or julinas parties.

47. Brigadier vegan: Easy and tasty, good tip for those who have allergies or intolerances. You will use brown sugar, cocoa powder, vegan chocolate and green bananas. The result is surprisingly good.

48. Brig functional biomass: Recipe surprising that the appearance, but also by taste. Brigadier is supergostoso, it is full of fiber and nutrients! Of course it is not as sweet as traditional, but when you look at the nutritional value and calories, the conclusion is that it is bet.

49. pineapple with coconut Sugar: Very tasty, it is easy to roll up and to do, you do not need the condensed milk, which makes it the cheapest and simplest recipe. Ideal for children's parties, it is lactose and gluten free.

50. vegan prestigious Candy: easy to do, it's sweet just right and the combination of coconut with chocolate is delicious! It is made basically with residue of coconut milk, brown sugar, water and corn starch.

51. Quindim gluten and milk: These delicious sweets are made with egg yolks, grated coconut, refined sugar, clear, no milk margarine, vanilla extract and glucose. The yield is 16 quindins.

52. Cookie cinnamon and almonds: requires some patience to model and cut one by one, but the result is charming. These cookies are very delicious because they based on almonds. As will no wheat flour or butter, is also a good option for gluten intolerant and lactose.

53. Oatmeal Cookie fit and chocolate chips: diet version that uses sweetener for oven and stove, but if you want, you can use brown sugar. You will use eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal, rolled oats, coconut oil, oat bran, flaxseed and dark chocolate drops.

54. Brownie without milk and egg: vegan recipe, it takes basically semisweet chocolate, flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, granulated sugar, almond milk, Brazil nuts, oil, vanilla extract and salt.

55. coconut ice cream cake: a delicious dessert and in this case, with no trace of lactose. Who have an intolerance or allergy to cow's milk can take advantage of this "fluffy towel" without fear! The preparation takes about 50 minutes.

56. Gluten-free Chocolate Mousse: with so many low calorie and gluten-free ingredients, some traditional recipes are being renewed without losing the flavor. And this is exactly the case with this chocolate mousse, which is easy to make and is delicious!

57. Mousse fit passion fruit and lactose: a classic of Brazilian dessert but a healthier version. You will use cashews, coconut water, biomass green banana, passion fruit, honey or stevia or demerara.

58. Strawberry shortcake gluten and lactose: ideal for those who do not want to "get away too" diet, for those who are intolerant or even for those looking for a lighter dessert. Besides the taste, the presentation is great!

59. banana tartlet with hazelnut cream: is amazing and best of all, it's supersaudável, allowed within a balanced diet! Worth learning to do and, perhaps, serve at your next party ?!

60. cocada pudding: gluten free recipe and yielding six servings. You will use condensed milk (with or without lactose), water, eggs, coconut flakes, vanilla or coconut.

61. Churros gluten and lactose: you use water, salt, sugar, vegetable cream, canola oil, gluten flour, almond flour, xanthan gum, baking powder, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Good sweet recipes to brighten your party or just your everyday abound, is not it ?! The hard thing is to choose what to do first!