18 lemon mousse recipes to sweeten and refresh your day

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Among the most popular desserts, practical and appreciated Brazilian cuisine, the mousses certainly stand out!

There are many flavors of options to make a good mousse, but surely lemon to one of the most appreciated, just by combining azedinho of citrus fruit with sweet condensed milk (and / or other ingredients), forming a dessert "as".

Besides taste, the lemon mousse is a very quick and easy dessert to prepare, ideal to be served for last minute sightseeing or simply to be made and enjoyed in everyday life, when it hits that urge to eat a sweetie!

The lemon mousse can still be served on special occasions such as birthdays, with a "garment" more beautiful, and can be ingredient for other sweets, for example, cakes, pies and cheesecakes. Be inspired by the recipes below!

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18 lemon mousse recipes to sweeten and refresh your day

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1. lemon mousse super easy: the recipe is very simple, so you can invest in the form of service or grout to "raise the bar" of this dessert. The yield is four portions.

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2. lemon mousse: in addition to easy to do, is a dessert which blends with the hottest days. A hit to end an informal meal because the lemon has an astringent that cleanses the palate and pleasing to most people.

3. Lemon mousse with gelatin: it is delicious, levinha, refreshing and yields much. Thus, it becomes more economical than the mousse made in the traditional way (only with lemon juice, condensed milk and sour cream).

4. healthy lemon mousse: A lighter version of the traditional lemon mousse, but also delicious. This recipe uses homemade condensed milk and yogurt, to give consistency and does not take gelatin. It is sweetened with culinary sweetener.

5. Lemon Mousse vegan: a recipe that, in addition to vegan, is protein and low carb. Easy to do, you will only use tofu, lemon, xylitol or other sweetener, vanilla bean (optional) and lemon zest.

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18 lemon mousse recipes to sweeten and refresh your day

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6. lemon mousse with chocolate: a way to increase this dessert so popular and adored. You will use semisweet chocolate, sour cream, lemon and condensed milk.

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7. lemon mousse with chocolate ganache: lemon combination with chocolate is wonderful and best of all is that in a matter of minutes, you have a beautiful dessert that is sure to please everyone, ready to be served !

8. lemon mousse in chocolate cup: a delicious and different way of serving lemon mousse. You will make chocolate cups using only chocolate semisweet and disposable coffee cups as a base.

9. lemon mousse with meringue: good tip for when it will receive visits and will not have time to do a more elaborate dessert. This recipe is easy, convenient, delicious and sure to please all. It is worth noting!

10. lemon mousse with sighs: a recipe that is ready in five minutes, has an incredible result and, best of all, you cockroach! Ideal for when you're in the mood for a tasty dessert, but it is with few ingredients at home and lazy to do a very laborious sweet.

11. lemon mousse with white chocolate: the delicate taste of lemon and citrus blends perfectly with white chocolate. The preparation is very simple and then the refrigerator time will depend on your taste.

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12. Lemon mousse with coconut: You will use only lemon-flavored gelatin, coconut, sour cream, condensed milk, lemon, sugar, water and milk. The yield is 7 parts and preparation time is 40 minutes.

13. caipirinha lemon mousse: quick, practical, different and tasty. It serves up to 12 people and is ideal to finish off a meeting between friends who are so fond of drinks as a sweet good.

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18 lemon mousse recipes to sweeten and refresh your day

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14. Pie lemon mousse: a dessert that combines creaminess and crunchiness of an incredible way. Not to mention the lemon azedinho touch, that conquers even those who do not care much for sweets! The preparation is a bit laborious, but the result certainly pays off.

15. lemon mousse lemon: This recipe uses lemon itself as "form" and is very cool to be served for visits and even a more informal party during the day. The preparation is easy and you use only three ingredients.

16. Cheesecake lemon mousse: recipe easy, refreshing and delicious, and have a beautiful presentation, as you do in individual cups. You will use basically biscuit without filling, unsalted butter, lemon (or other), gelatin powder, condensed milk and cream.

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17. Cake chocolate and lemon mousse: a different and beautiful dessert to surprise everyone. Chocomousse has a layer of a chocolate mousse layer, a layer of lemon cream cake, a lemon mousse and chocolate ganache layer to finish.

18. lemon mousse and cake Brig: has the chocolate mass, lemon mousse creamy filling and a cover Brig. That is, many flavors in a cake only. A perfect dessert to be served on special occasions and that surely will delight everyone!

Both for special occasions such as for day to day, the lemon mousse is great choice!