Cicatricure gel: it is even effective against stretch marks? - Women Tips

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Considered one of the great enemy of women who care about their beauty, stretch marks can be defined as the result of a skin stretching beyond what it would bear.

Elisabete Dobao, postgraduate medical in Dermatology, Public Health Dermatology professor at the Santa Casa de Misericordia of Rio de Janeiro and member of the European Academy of Dermatology explains that the ridge is the result of the rupture of elastic fibers present in the skin. May occur in situations such as pregnancy, weight gain or rapid growth, among others. "It is believed that the combination of genetic factors and endocrine changes and mechanical stretching of the skin have important role in their appearance. Although more than 70% of pregnant women are experiencing the problem, nearly 30% - with the same body type and weight gain - not developed, "adds the doctor.

At first, appear reddish lines in the affected area and they can subsequently take on a whitish, with the future, the scar appearance. And just for those left aesthetically unpleasant spots on the skin, it is common that women who suffer from the problem seek solutions to combat or at least soften the appearance of stretch marks.

The good news is that today you can find on the market some products that promise these results. Among them is the Cicatricure Gel, treatment product for scars which also claims to have the power to soften the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

The gel has quite the attention of women, but most of them end up getting doubtful about its effectiveness. Precisely for this reason, a good solution is to pay attention to the opinions of people who have tested the Cicatricure Gel. And it is much simpler in modern times, in which many bloggers share in your virtual space to comment on that particular product have proven.

Anyone who has used the Cicatricure Gel

Medical Elisabete Dobao explains that Cicatricure Gel, in general, works by improving hydration and skin quality, which is regenerated in a better situation. "By analyzing the formula, according to the manufacturer, there is no contraindications" he adds.

Cicatricure gel: it is even effective against stretch marks? - Women Tips

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Among the main ingredients of the Cicatricure Gel formula are some natural, like onion extract (Allium cepa L), chamomile (Chamomilla recutita), thyme (Thymus vulgaris), marine shells (Ostrea shell), walnut leaf ( Juglans regia leaf), aloe (Aloe barbadensis), the Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) and oil of bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia).

Tatiane Donizete, author of Tested by Fabricio, told the blog that some stretch marks appeared on her hip after pregnancy, which bothered her a bit. She used the Cicatricure Gel for two months and got great results, since the product very hydrated your skin. "My stretch marks were red and thick and were thinning and clearing. They do not disappear, but smooth enough, "he said.

Rejane Costa, Marathon Beauty, also stated on his blog that approved the use of Cicatricure. With a week of use, it ensured that the gel left her far less apparent streaks.

Carol Costa, author of Beaute Moment, also made a review of the Cicatricure on your blog. She said, after using the product, that stretch marks do not disappear or decrease, but the very gel moisturizes the skin, improving its appearance and, automatically, the stretch marks.

Where to buy Cicatricure Gel

The average price of the product is $ 50.00 and can be found in most pharmacies. On the internet, you can buy in Cicatricure Gel Onofre Pharmacy for US $ 44.90.

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Other options to combat stretch marks

Elisabete Dobao points out that there are other products and treatments done in practice to assist in the fight against stretch marks. "They must be handled, preferably at the beginning of its appearance. There are chemical peels, lasers, use of home treatments, among others, "he says.

The doctor adds that the Intense Pulsed Light is indicated when the stretch marks are still red, "because the light is attracted by the red pigment. That is, the more pigment, the more the light is attracted and the better the outcome, "he says.

Combined peeling is also a great option, according to Elizabeth. "It is made shallow etching with acids or crystal peeling, followed by peeling application of retinoic acid, where the patient must remove at home after eight hours, or peeling glycolic acid which is further removed in the clinic," explains .

The doctor adds that the treatments to be done at home should use assets through nanotechnology. "Thus, assets are fragmented to the smallest possible size, penetrating much more easily on the skin and increasing its effectiveness," he says.

Prevention: how to avoid the appearance of stretch marks

Cicatricure gel: it is even effective against stretch marks? - Women Tips

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But are there ways to prevent the appearance of stretch marks? This is a fairly common question among women.

Elisabete Dobao explains that for stretch marks that come only by weight gain, maintenance of it is ideal. "But those that arise by rapid growth or in the belly of a pregnant woman are already more difficult to prevent because independent of individual action," he says. "But keep your skin healthy and well hydrated helps in maintaining the elasticity and improves their defense in situations of stress," concluded the doctor.

So if stretch marks are a problem that bothers you, do not be discouraged! There are good choices of products and treatments to soften their appearance.

If you decided to opt for the use of Cicatricure Gel, as did many women, do so aware that he will not offer miraculous and instant results but may help in softening stretch marks, leaving your skin more hydrated.

If possible, also consult a dermatologist who can indicate the best treatments and products for your particular case.