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Versatility. This is certainly the main word for ground beef. This type of food is often part of the diet of most people and is used in various preparations, such as, kebab; burgers; cookies; fillings of pasta, pastries; braised with vegetables etc.

In addition, there are different sections for ground meat (eg topside, hard cushion, duck, etc.), it is possible to choose the one that suits you, in relation to the flavor, tenderness or even relative to the amount of fat that each section has.

Everyone agrees that, no matter how tasty it is a food, eat it every day in the same way, just getting sick. So why not take advantage of the versatility of ground beef and create different dishes ?!

Lest you lack ideas, you can check out some superpráticas and tasty recipes, and probably will do the most successful in your home, either at lunch or dinner daily; is on a special occasion where you will cook for entertaining friends or family.

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1. Simple Ground beef: this, indeed, is a quick, inexpensive and very versatile food. But none of that matters if it is not too tasty! Therefore, this recipe you will find tips to get the "ideal seasoning."

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2. Ground beef with potato: for those who are a fan of a simple Comidinha and homemade, the combination of ground beef with potatoes - preferably accompanying rice, beans and salad - it's perfect!

3. Ground beef with vegetables: easy, super-fast and nutritious recipe. Ideal for those who follow a healthy diet!

4. Ground beef with okra: a simple recipe, but very tasty, ideal to vary the way to eat meat on a daily basis. You only need basically ground beef, okra, potatoes, garlic and onions.

5. oven Ground beef: a different way to eat ground beef! You will use in addition to this main ingredient, onion soup, sour cream, cottage cheese, grated mozzarella and spices to taste.

6. Ground beef parmigiana: a different recipe, but easy to do! You need to basically mix the ground beef with onion cream, onion and parsley, dividing later the mixture into "steaks." Worth learning!

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7. Ground beef for Bolognese sauce: most people love a good plate of pasta to Bolognese sauce! If you also part of this team, check out this recipe to perfect the preparation of ground beef and sauce.

8. Ground beef for lasagna: there is no denying, Bolognese sauce also goes perfectly with a good lasagna. And here you can see the recipe for a complete dish, ideal for a family Sunday lunch! It is a tip!

9. Ground Beef Jardiniere: more a different way, healthy and simple to consume the ground beef on a daily basis. You will use in addition to the main ingredient, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, parsley, salt and pepper.

10. ground to spring meat: for those who love Arabic food, this tip is great! In the recipe, the oven kebab gets more color and flavor with tomatoes, zucchini, onion, mint leaves, olive oil, pepper and salt!

11. Ground beef Silveirinha to: learn how to make a delicious crepe filling with carrying, in addition to ground beef, onion, garlic, carrots, olives, parsley, pepper, salt and oil. It is mouthwatering!

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12. Ground beef with bacon, if, in addition to ground beef, you love bacon, will love this recipe superprática and tasty, ideal for lunch or dinner and homemade.

13. creamy Ground beef: with tomato sauce, sour cream, among other ingredients, its traditional ground beef with vegetables gain "new face", getting much more tasty and creamy. Perfect to serve with rice and a green salad!

14. Ground beef with cassava: and who said combining ground beef with potato only ?! With cassava is also delicious in a super-simple dish to make.

15. Ground beef with pumpkin: a different, healthy recipe, which yields enough and has few calories. It is worth noting!

16. Ground beef with eggs: if you like and usually have at home ground meat and eggs, you'll love this superprática recipe that combines the two ingredients and more tomato sauce.

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17. soy ground beef: a good option for those who do not eat meat and / or like to try new flavors. It is made of simple and is up there in the tasty way!

18. oven rice with ground beef: this recipe is a great way to reuse the rice is left, preparing a full and tasty dish.

19. ground beef Cookie: revenue reuses rice ready, and leads, as well as ground beef, eggs, garlic, onion, oregano, salt, parsley and chives, plus a homemade tomato sauce coverage.

20. ground beef soup: a recipe that uses simple ingredients that normally you have at home. Great choice for colder days!

21. peppers stuffed with ground beef: a practical recipe that results in a delicious dish, ideal to be served with potatoes cortadinhas blades and rice with carrots.

22. ground beef pancake: the most traditional filling for good pancake is certainly ground beef! Most people love! Check out the recipe to make full plate.

23. Pastel with ground beef: pastel blends perfectly with ground beef! Check out a quick, but very tasty recipe, which yields 18 portions. It is a great choice for a weekend, for example!

24. Polenta with ground beef: ideal recipe to make that simple Comidinha almost "gourmet"!

25. Burger ground beef: make burger at home (instead of opting for those sold frozen prepared or fast food) is not difficult and, moreover, is a healthy and tasty option. With this basic recipe you can create your burgers to taste!

26. Escondidinho of ground beef: a simple recipe that results in a delicious full plate! Worth learning!

27. Ragu ground beef: check this delicious sauce recipe which includes, among other ingredients, ground beef, pork, tomato pulp, celery, carrot, onion, salt, oil, pepper and garlic.

28. Sweet potato dumpling with minced meat: a different recipe, easy to make, and that results in tasty cookies, ideal for those who like to eat healthy foods.

29. Ground beef with eggplant: simple, tasty and healthy recipe, it takes basically eggplant diced, onion, garlic, tomato paste and ground beef.

30. Eggplant stuffed with ground beef in the oven: this is a recipe considers carb and quite nutritious low (especially if it is made with lean meat), and superprática. It is worth noting!

How to choose the right ground beef for each dish?

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Antonio Filho, chef LC Restaurants, points out that to have good ground beef, the beginning of everything is the choice of a butcher you trust: you always have fresh and good origin meat. "Remember, if the raw material is not of good quality, we hardly good results in our revenues," says.

In this context, the chef spends a few important tips:

  1. Choose the piece you want and ask to grind time.
  2. Bandejinhas in gondolas are not always fresh meat.
  3. Time and oxygen are enemies of ground beef because it begins to darken, change aroma and taste, depending on the exposure time. Thus losing important quality.
  4. The ground beef must have color alive and intense red. Sometimes light red, depending on the amount of fat purposefully added to it to obtain better results in specific recipes.

Remember that there are several cuts to ground beef, as distinct in flavor, tenderness, the amount of fat etc. Below Antonio Filho chef talks about the main types:

Chuck (11% fat): Meat considered second, however, very rich in flavor. "It is a relatively lean meat, ideal for use in pie fillings, cakes, pies, croquettes. Besides being a cam that can not miss the blends (mixtures of two or more kinds of meat to balance the flavor of hamburger perfect). It has short fibers and high degree of softness, "explains the chef.

hard cushion (9% fat): "This piece has thick, long, dry fiber, with fat cover. After the ground preparation time is increased and the concentration of flavor is also higher compared to the topside. Ideal for use in preparation of the Bolognese sauce. This piece needs to be ground two or three times, "said Antonio Filho.

topside (9% fat): It has soft, short fibers, fat and nerves, according to the chef. "It's also rich in grooves. This piece needs to be ground two or three times, the preparation is faster because of the fat that helps soften the fiber. Ideal for the production of meatballs, stuffed polpetones etc. ".

Skirt Steak (26% fat): "This piece is the wall of the abdomen of the animal, composed of long fibers and fat. It is a very soft, tasty and very pleasant aroma meat, ideal for BBQ. Ground we can use it in the production of kaftas and blends for hamburger, "said the chef.

Muscle (7% fat): this piece is considered third, however, is one of the richest meat in flavor, aroma and nutrients, explains Antonio Filho. "I recommend grinding the back next to some other piece of your own so there is a balance in fiber to the taste, because it is muscles and nerves. short and hard fiber, which requires longer cooking. I recommend the use in sauces, soups, broths and fillings. "

Duckling (7% fat): first meat, soft fibers, fat with large amount of blood and groove with characteristic aroma and flavor as well. Ideal for ground beef and use in various preparations, according to the chef.

Rump (20% fat): prime cutting and very soft, super rich in fat and groove. "Suitable especially for barbecue. Your fat can be ground together with other meats to enrich flavor and aromas in preparations. We used to grind the picanha with one or two types of meat for the preparation of the hamburger, "explains the chef.

So, in summary, the chef Antonio Filho guides which are the most suitable cuts of ground beef for each type of following dish:

  • Pastas: chuck, muscle, hard cushion, duckling.
  • Hamburger: skirt steak, sirloin, chuck, shoulder, rib, rump, topside. (Blends: chuck + Skirt Steak + fat)
  • sauces: muscle, chuck.
  • Chips: duckling, chuck. Ideally, they are lean meats.
  • roasts: sirloin, loin, topside, skirt steak. "Preferably parts that have layer of fat, because it protects from dryness and helps to soften, as well as enhancing the preparation of flavors," explains the chef.

Now you have great tips to consume the ground beef in different ways as well as to choose the best cuts! It always use creativity, creating, in addition to these, new recipes that call this versatile, affordable and tasty ingredient.