How to create a different wedding party at home - Women Tips

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For couples who prefer more intimate and make a cozier marriage and do not run the household budget, nothing more practical than do the ceremony at home. You can make a decorating theme and invite only the closest people.

But stop married at home we need to further step up care for that at the time, everything goes according to plan. So, first of all, we need to properly program each day of the month for that, start planning a year before the ceremony.

Bride's dress

If your dream has always been to dress the bride, it is not because you will married at home you have to leave it completely behind. You just need to know adapt it to the style of your home. Avoid hype. For this, a good option is to invest in a long dress, but without much volume.

The dresses tubes also ensure elegance, style and femininity to the bride. You can invest in them and do an elaborate hairstyle. The makeup must also adapt to the style of your party and of course with the time of the ceremony. Remember: no exaggeration.

wedding planning

Before you start planning the ceremony, you need to put on paper how much you can spend the household budget. To do this, meet with her future husband and talk about spending.

Then decide which party will you style: theme or simple. It is at this time also that you need to think about how many will be the guests, which location of the house you will make the party, if there will be hired photographers.

As you draw close friends and family, it is important to know exactly what are the preferences for food. Do not do anything too elaborate or anything so simple. Invest in a first course, main course and of course, sweets.


Look for restaurants that make menus for home at weddings. The sooner you contact them, the greater the chances of you getting a discount and choose exactly the dishes you wish to serve at the wedding.

Do not forget that you need to please everyone's palate: from the most elaborate to the simplest, so think of the diverse menu. Regarding the candy, how about making a table just chocolates and fondue?


Always invest in a simply decorated, but draw the attention of guests. Preferred couple flowers can be distributed throughout the environment, of acrylic vases.

Opt for an elegant color and demonstrating the couple's personality. For this, mix the shades of red with white, yellow gold, pink, silver or gold are options to think about.

To bring even more comfort to the party, that such a distribute photos of the couple in frame?

Regardless of which is the ceremony of style, always think about the details along with your future spouse, after all, nothing better than to have unforgettable moments.