6 Smart Ways to use pins with zip - Woman Tips

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Previously they were used to hold the babies cloth diapers and keep them firmly in place. Over the years, however, the pins zip seem to have been forgotten in the bottom of the sewing drawers, not being very useful in the daily lives of people. To rescue them from the limbo, check out these tips on how to use them to facilitate some daily tasks.

1 - unpaired socks, never

Few things are as annoying as opening the sock drawer and not even find a couple of them. Something happens between the time that the socks are put in the drawer and when you need to use them. Maybe they flee to a parallel reality, perhaps to disguise, science still can not explain. The fact is that fasten them with a pin of these zip is a practical solution to avoid this hassle.

2 - Keep the blind completely closed

No matter how much you have invested in it, your curtain will always leave a small beam of light entering the gap formed between the two sides. You can use force, the "way", nothing will cause it to remain completely closed. None unless a pin with locks. Simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective.

3 - sofa covers were made to stay on the couch

Many people have experienced this disappointment: after fall in love with a certain cover or blanket for the couch, they realized that they just insist on leaving the place, even if the mobile is almost not used. To keep them firm and fulfilling their decorative function, use the pins, holding the fabric cover or blanket to the fabric of their own sofa.

4 - Clothes Pegs

To end the marks left on the fabric by conventional clothespins, what about using pins to hang them on the clothesline? Especially with finer fabrics, the exchange can be an effective way to prevent them from deteriorating over time. The pin works as well as a clothes with the advantage of preserving the piece.

5 - Improvising a keychain

You can look at the pin with closure as a stopgap measure until you get a real keychain. However, there are so many pin options beautiful products in stores for sewing it is possible that you just give up to replace it later. Use the pin as keychain is a great solution to avoid losing keys that you use on a daily or even those that are used less frequently, such as windows that you do not usually open frequently, for example.

6 - Protection against theft bags and backpacks

Hold the zippers of their handbags and backpacks to the fabric of the same with the help of a pin hinders the action of pickpockets, for example. To ride the bus or subway, you often do not realize that there is someone moving in their belongings. If the zipper is attached to the fabric, the criminals will have more difficulty to open them without you noticing. This simple step can save your wallet, your cell phone, and many other valuables that you usually carry with you.