Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Reproduction

After the success of "Avenue Brazil", the novel "Salve Jorge" is conquering the Brazilian public day after day. Joining the team of artists who are highlighted in novels and fall in grace of the people is Giovanna Antonelli. The actress plays the Heloisa delegated that will help fight human trafficking - the central theme of the plot.

Not only is the extremely important role of the actress who is gaining the Brazilians. The extravagant style, but no less elegant delegated Helo have been one of the most copied by Brazilian women. It may be that in real life a delegate does not look exactly like that, but hey it's almost impossible not to drool all looks used by the character, does not it?

To many it may seem difficult to combine prints and accessories as does the helo character in the novel. The secret is knowing how and what the right colors to use to make the balanced look and enhance the silhouette. The combination of various belts in the same production, is already a registered trademark of delegated, and believe me, this can be a trick and so to transform any simple look in a overproduction.

Two other items that are not lacking in the closet are delegated shirts and pantaloons pants, which can be plain or printed. For special occasions, the character bet on daring looks that combine skirts with slits and blouses or a long dress with a generous neckline. Remember that accessories are always present.

Bringing Helo character style to the reality, we separate the main fashion features for you to adopt and raze in choosing their own looks.

How to create looks inspired the character Helo

To facilitate the task of women, we set up five different looks inspired by the look of delegated Heloisa of "Salve Jorge." Check it:

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Woman Tips

This is the classic character chosen by helo to work. The combination of white shirt with high pantalona pants waist printed, makes the classic and elegant. The belt with small metal plates helps give up the look.

Off-White Shirt - Ellus by R $ 279 in shop Dafiti stamped pantaloons pants - Shop for 126 R $ 195.39 on the shop Dafiti and belt with metal plates - Night Star by R $ 69 in the shop Dafiti.

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Woman Tips

The straight jeans or flare is also present in the daily looks of Heloisa delegated. To leave the sophisticated look of animal print shirt and with many accessories that can be belts, earrings or necklaces.

printed shirt - Anna Flynn for US $ 59.90 in the shop Dafiti, jeans - M. Officer for US $ 179 at the Shop Dafiti and belt - Le Spezia for US $ 114 at the Shop Dafiti.

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Woman Tips

Another option used by look actress is the novel combination of the shirt printed with pencil skirt. This is a classic and elegant look and can be used both for day and for night.

printed shirt - Zara for $ 59.90 in the shop Zara, pencil skirt - C&A by R $ 49.90 in Shop C&The earring and gold - Carmine by R $ 349 in shop Dafiti.

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Woman Tips

The helo delegate is also adept dresses with a more soltinha modeling. The embossed and are preferred to complement the look belt and golden necklace.

print dress - C&A by R $ 79 in the shop C&The belt - Market 33 for $ 143 at the Shop and paste OQVestir - Hector Albertazzi by R $ 126 in shop Dafiti.

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Woman Tips

And to finish preferred by character look: smooth pantaloons pants with printed shirt. To give a more sophisticated touch to this look, Helo chooses to use two bracelets equal at the end of the sleeves.

printed shirt - Carina Duek by R $ 514 in shop Dafiti, pantaloons pants - Colcci R $ 339.90 for the Shop Dafiti and bracelet - C&A by R $ 35.90 in Shop C&THE.

Accessories and shoes used by the HELO Salve Jorge

Want to know more about the accessories used by Heloisa character in "Salve Jorge?" Then check out the following gallery with 14 options bracelets, earrings, rings, bracelets, bags and shoes that the character uses and be inspired:

The stone pendant - Rommanel for R $ 170.

Golden bracelet - Rommanel for R $ 205.

Black Pumps with transparency - Zara Zara € 39.95 in the shop.

large ring with stones - Accessorize for R $ 42.

Red purse - Saint Laurent for $ 2650.00 in shop Net-a-Porter.

Maxi golden earring - Morana for R $ 39.

Golden bracelet - Rommanel for R $ 180.

Pumps with golden transparency - Mixed for C&A by R $ 99 in the shop C&THE.

Golden bracelet - Morana. Price R $ 119.

Python bag - Felipe Krein for R $ 191.33 in Dafiti Shop.

Maxi golden earring - Rommanel for R $ 112.

Golden big ring - Morana for R $ 199.

Sandal gladiator - Schutz for US $ 420 at the Shop OQVestir.

Stone Ring - Morana for R $ 99.

python bag shoulder strap - Atelier Moretti for US $ 730 at the Shop OQVestir.

Bracelet - C&A by R $ 35.

Stone Ring - Rommanel for R $ 270.

Sandal gladiator - Luiza Barcelos by R $ 467 on OQVestir Shop.

Ring with the image of St. George - Rommanel for R $ 451.

large ring - Accessorize for R $ 42.

yellow bag - Zara for € 35.90 at shop Zara.

Golden ring - Rommanel for R $ 199.

The beauty of HELO Salve Jorge

Meet the character Helo Style Salve Jorge - Women Tips

Photo: Reproduction

The delegate Heloisa's main characteristic is its visual voluminous hair with natural waves. To do this hairstyle, bet on clusters made with large curling iron and a good deal of high fixing spray. To vary the hairstyle, the character bet on low bun with volume or ponytail, ideal for more calendar days and in need of practicality. To make the most natural coke, do not hold very tight bun, so hair will be looser.

The makeup that uses delegated the novel is almost always the same: well made skin, blush and eyeliner and lipstick color mouth or nude. This type of makeup is wildcard for those who favor a neutral to make the day-to-day. The lips, the character uses the lipstick color Lune 22, some similar lipsticks are Palê - Duda Molinos, gum Rosa - Koloss, Rosé matte - Queen Bee and The Rose Romance - MAC. Bet on an eye pencil waterproof eyeliner to copy the character and keep the pencil drain throughout the day.

In the hands, the brown glaze "Rush" from the collection of own Giovanna Antonelli to Hits Speciallitá is always present. Other similar color glazes are: Dirt - Colorama, Jackie - Impala and Chocolamore - Impala.

Now you just need a little creativity to create looks and stick with the style similar to the helo "Salve Jorge."