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During pregnancy many possibilities, care and joys involving the mother and baby's family. It is also at this point that the ties of affection and love begin to be built. It was with this thought that the musician Fernando Pereira de Oliveira decided to study the dynamics of music therapy during pregnancy and thus created the Future Baby Method, Music Therapy for Pregnant Women, Families Pregnant women and their babies.

But anyone who thinks that this process includes putting CDs with opera or calm music to listen to the fetus is totally fooling. The musician explains that "the voice is one of the first sounds the baby hears so we use it to strengthen family ties." According to the music therapist, who also studied obstetrics, the fetal auditory system It is almost fully formed in the 21th week of gestation and from there he has experienced some sound sensations.

Among the sounds that reach the baby, who is immersed in the amniotic fluid of pregnant women are some organ sounds, the heartbeat, the steps of the mother and even the pregnant woman's skeletal joints. But the sound that stands out for the baby is the human voice. "The fetus does not recognize the voice itself, but the timbre, intonation and the frequency it produces. In this case he did not hear words, but the tune of what is said or sung, "said Pereira.

Therefore, in music therapy sessions held at the home of the pregnant family, he suggests that the mother and also the family talk to the baby. "The mother can only talk to him, talk about future plans. Grandparents can tell family stories and dad can sing to the baby, "he explains. Of course there is an established order of who does what, but it is very important to strengthen the emotional ties with the whole family, not just the mother.

And the expert is emphatic about the singing. "The fetus hears especially the singing voice," he explains. Hence the stimulus to hum while waiting the arrival of the baby. The repertoire in this case is at the discretion and taste of the family, but not to be a 'there, there, there' or melody sung with a closed mouth will reach the baby's ears.

After the baby is born, all this talking and singing will serve to him to record the sound intrauterine sensations lived. Breastfeeding, for example, the mother can sing a song that the fetus heard enough while I was in her belly. "He will respond to stimulation with the pace of the suction and the time of feeding. Just watch the baby, "he explains. Enter this stage also the songs you sang for your baby played electronically and encourage him further.

The music therapy session with Fernando Pereira de Oliveira also includes an informative talk on the Hearing fetus, prenatal communication and Shantala massage for babies (oriental technique studied and disseminated worldwide). It was for the popular saying: "He who sings scares away his woes."