6 ways to scare away the flies - Women Tips

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With the high temperatures, reaching the house 40 degrees, and increased humidity, there is often a significant growth in the number of house flies. Considered one of the most common insects, the fly can contaminate food and spread a number of diseases in humans, such as conjunctivitis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diarrhea, among others.

But how to keep the house free of these unwanted hosts? The answer is, first, in the cleaning environment.

Keep the house clean properly without food scraps, with benches, sinks and floor always dry collaborates with the decrease in the number of flies. Added to this the frequent removal of garbage and trash wash.

In addition to cleaning, are other forms, natural and artificial, to keep the flies free of the undesirable environment. Check out some of them:

1. Insecticide

According Karlla Patricia, PhD in Zoology, products containing DEET (English acronym for the compound N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) and citronella oil are proven effective and have been used since the time of the 2nd World War.

Scientists tested electrophysiological responses of olfactory sensory neurons that are located in the antennae of flies and found that the insecticide causes they do not realize that there are foods around.

2. Vinegar

After performing environmental cleaning try to pass a wet cloth with a little vinegar throughout the house, backyard, balconies, benches.

3. Carnation India and lemon

According to Margarete Camargo, PhD in Plant Pathology and Professor, Department of Plant Protection, UNESP, stuck in lemon carnations, away flies and mosquitoes, including dengue. Try burying some cloves lemon and spread them around the house. The combination also works to remove odors from the refrigerator.

4. Water, alcohol and arruda

Part 1 liter of water, one 250 ml beaker common alcohol and 100 g of fresh rue. Beat in a blender for about one minute, strain and store the mixture in a sprayer. Spread the product through the house especially in the early evening. The natural insecticide can also be used on the floor and in the sink to remove the ants.

5. bay, eucalyptus and basil

Another good tip is to mix bay leaves, eucalyptus and basil putting them in bags that can be spread by the environment.

6. Homemade Trap

For homes with lot of flies is recommended to prepare a homemade trap. Take a bottle PET, cut in half and paint it black. Mix 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and boil. Let cool and add 1 gram of fresh yeast. Put this liquid into the little vase and hang PET. The flies will be drawn and there will be arrested. The lack of brightness little vase prevents fly out when it is attracted to the trap. It is important to change this container every three months.