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The egg is one of the most common ingredients in desserts. It is used in the preparation of cakes, creams and even in some ice cream.

However, that is not harmful to most people can do much harm to the health of others who have intolerance to egg.

At first glance, create a recipe that does not take this ingredient may seem like a challenge. But today there are several blogs that have created very appetizing recipes that leave out the egg ingredient list.

The Women Tips made a selection of 18 no egg cake recipes for you to try and check that you can make a delicious recipe even excluding this ingredient as used.

simple cakes

1. cake mixed: simple mixing cake dough with white chocolate mass, giving mixed effect.

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2. Chocolate cake: chocolate cake with chocolate sauce which can be made with beef or soy milk for those with lactose intolerance.

3. coffee cake with milk: this coffee cake recipe with milk is quick to prepare, especially for taking instant coffee.

4. prestigious cake: in addition to not take egg, this prestigious cake recipe also does not take gluten as it takes rice flour and flaxseed in mass. It is stuffed with kiss and chocolate.

5. inverted pineapple cake: instead of eggs, this recipe takes mashed bananas also leaving the lighter cake texture. To flavor and decorate this cake takes pineapple.

6. Passion fruit cake: as egg substitute, this passion fruit cake uses flaxseed powder. The passion fruit is used both in mass and in syrup.

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7. Lemon Cake: This lemon cake is ideal to have dietary restrictions, as well as not take egg it also does not take gluten, lactose or soy.

8. cornmeal cake recipe with guava: this cornmeal cake takes ground chia, as well as coconut and coconut milk.

9. Revenue carrot cake: a good choice for those looking for a vegan recipe without eggs, lactose or gluten. It is a simple cake to prepare for almost the entire process is done in a blender.

10. Revenue apple and banana cake: Healthy cake recipe that besides the fruit takes raisins and brown sugar.

11. tangerine cake: this recipe uses tangerine juice both in syrup and in mass, with a citrus touch.

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elaborate cakes

18 no egg cake recipes for you to try without fear

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12. cake recipe stuffed with pineapple with coconut filling: the mass of the cake is simple, but the stuffing takes crushed pineapple, coconut milk and grated coconut.

13. linseed cake with strawberry syrup: in addition to not have eggs, this cake recipe also does not take lactose and gluten. The syrup is made with strawberry, apple and honey.

14. honey and orange cake: The cake batter used in this orange, rum and honey. Revenue also suggests replacing the orange for lemon for those who prefer.

15. hazelnut cake with blueberries: this cake with blueberries into the batter does not take gluten, lactose or eggs.

16. cake with lemon cream and strawberries syrup: the cake of this recipe is made with simple white matter, but is stuffed with lemon cream made with rice milk and topped with a sauce of strawberries fruit.

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17. sweet potato and almond cake: simple recipe to make sweet potato cake, almonds and cinnamon.

18. vanilla cream cake with nuts: simple vanilla cake covered with stop nut cream prepared without lactose.

Fortunately increasingly we see options desserts without eggs which allows people intolerant, or even those who follow a vegan diet, no longer need to leave the dessert side. Several sites have specific sections with vegan recipes like I Could Kill for Dessert, American site of Martha Stewart and the British blog Deliciously Ella.