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The salads have ceased to have food status "boring" long and today can even be the trump card of a meal. And if you walk out of ideas to innovate their basic lettuce salad with mango, believe, you can create combinations worthy of the most renowned chefs without doing a degree in gastronomy.

Check out a selection with several delicious salads made by blogs and specialized sites on the subject and be sure to make it more apetecerem you.

1. roasted vegetable salad: Salads need not always be the item "cold" your meal. A salad with roasted vegetables and cheese is ideal for days when you want to make your salad warm and cozy meal. If you prefer, replace the feta cheese (goat) cheese by mines.

2. Mango Salad: Salads with fruits are good choices for the hottest times of the year, and freshly baked tasty for the body to recover vitamins and hydration.

3. salad with edible flowers: This salad is for you who like to impress with an incredible presentation. Besides being beautiful, the salad with flowers and liver pate is rich in vitamins and takes a protein, which leaves more complete nutrition in the question.

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4. tofu salad with cumin, tomatoes and avocados: Even if you do not like tofu, you should try this recipe. The combined soy cheese with the nutrient richness of avocado turn this salad into a lot of energy to your day. It is excellent to eat even at breakfast.

5. melon and prawn salad with mustard sauce and honey: Another option to surprise even those who do not like salad. The exotic melon combination with cooked shrimp is a gift that your palate deserves, try.

Photo: Playback / Narwen's Cuisine

Photo: Playback / Narwen's Cuisine

6. cauliflower salad with salmon: A simple cauliflower salad is even more life to be increased with a nice grilled salmon fillet. Without any secret, this salad is easy to make and can even replace your traditional dinner.

7. Warm salad of pumpkin, shiitake and whole grains: An unconventional salad bringing different textures to an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Suggested whole grains may be replaced by its own, such as flax, sesame and oats.

8. cauliflower salad with grilled zucchini and red onion: This is the perfect salad for you cool while nourishing your body. Serve chilled, keeping it in the refrigerator for up to 30 minutes to ensure freshness.

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9. refreshing mint potato salad: This salad may seem a simple puree, but goes far beyond that. Made primarily of carbohydrate, it is a perfect choice to eat for lunch or even as a brunch. The mint flavor that adds to the mashed potatoes is irresistible and easily raises the level of this dish.

10. Salad red cabbage, carrot, cauliflower and mint: Colorful and nutritious, this salad is a good choice to accompany a meat at lunch or dinner.

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

11. zucchini and Salad with pepper mint sauce: If you are tired of traditional zucchini salad, the suggestion is to enhance the taste with pepper and mint. If you are brave, bet on the most hot peppers. For those who are sensitive to the taste of peppers, it is suggested pepper finger girl without the seeds.

12. Potato salad mayonnaise without: If you love potato salad, but can not eat or do not like mayonnaise, the alternative is to use ricotta cream. This salad falls nicely on Sunday lunches and barbecues with the family.

13. Roasted Salad of cherry tomatoes, cabbage ricotta: A simple salad, but that really quenches appetite. Serve with cherry tomatoes and ricotta palm or replaced with another white cheese and bamboo shoots to vary the preparation of suggestion.

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14. Green salad with goat cheese, nuts, honey and vinegar: At first it might seem just a simple lettuce salad with walnuts, but used sauce makes all the difference and thickens salad in an incredible way. Worth a try, it is easy to make and very tasty.

15. Spinach Salad with peach and goat cheese: Cheese and peach on a plate together are a combination of let anyone salivating, as the taste of a neutralizes the other, leaving that unparalleled salad. To create other options, replace cheese and vegetables.

Photo: Playback / bits

Photo: Playback / bits

16. quinoa salad with pea: Quinoa, famous for its nutritional composition is the big star of this dish. To vary the combination switch for the rocket other vegetables.

17. Cold salad of chicken with sweet potatoes: It is a hot day and you need a salad with protein to sustain and energize for the day? So this is the perfect salad for the moment. Caprice in spices for the chicken is tasty and even served cold.

18. Light pasta salad: Contrary to what one might imagine, the macaroni salad does not have to be a heavy dish. Check this option and try it!

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19. zucchini salad with mushrooms to mint sauce: Over an option to increase its zucchini salad and makes it even more body to satisfy your hunger. In this recipe, the zucchini is cooked in lemon own, so the salad should be "sauce" for about two hours.

20. Green salad with strawberry: This strawberry salad pleases not only the eye but also the palate. The combo fruit + cheese creates the dish an amazing taste and a very different texture.