To live a successful Carol Foolish Heart in the novel, the actress Camila Pitanga had to change the look by cutting the hair. The character exhibits cutting chanel which although modern, brings a romantic look.

The curly chanel Camila Pitanga - Women Tips

O chanel curly Camila Pitanga follows the trends of haircuts for 2011: natural tresses with disconnected tips that value and leave the lighter short wires.

The cut goes well wavy wires or more open clusters. In curly hair and tight curls is best to avoid the look chanel curly, since the wires tend to be armed.

If you liked cut, but do not even think about joining because you think chanel curly short is synonymous with bushy hair, know that the secret is in maintenance.

The wires must always be well hydrated, it use an activator of curls or a leave-in to tame them. Another tip is to get back to the salon every six weeks to trim the sides and prevent the cut earn volume.

The curly chanel Camila Pitanga - Women Tips

A suggestion for those who want to leave Cutting curly chanel even more charming, it is to use the ombre hair technique. The tips are lit with the appearance of naturally burned by the sun.