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Healthy and nutritious, tapioca is a great alternative for those who want to lose weight and maintain a balanced diet, after all, contains no sodium and no fat. In addition, the tapioca is gluten-free, with an option for celiacs (people with intolerance to gluten).

Very practical and easy to do, tapioca replaces the bread and combined with the right filling, so full meals serving both as a main dish as dessert or snack. Not to mention that tapioca flour has extensive usability. That is, the gum used to make the mass of tapioca can also be used in other recipes such as cakes and breads.

The variety of fillings is huge and so this is an easy dish to include in the feed and adapt it to your liking. The same fillings used for tapioca, can fill with other similar mounting plates (pancakes, wraps and crepiocas), what changes is the mass recipe and nutritional value of each.

Check out the following list of 50 recipes including tapioca savory options, sweets and other dishes derived from tapioca. In addition to the income of the masses tapioca pancake wrap and crepioca. If you prefer to go straight to the point:

  • Recipes with savory fillings
  • Recipes with sweet fillings
  • Other recipes using tapioca
  • How to prepare the dough Tapioca

savory fillings for tapioca

1. Tapioca with simple butter: This is the classic recipe of tapioca. The filling is just melted butter with the heat mass, resembling a bread on the plate. It is a great choice for breakfast.

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Tapioca ham and cheese. Photo: Playback / Fast Recipe

2. Tapioca ham and cheese: filling this option is also quite traditional, but it is still a delicious combination. The great is that the ham may be substituted by other "meats" (turkey breast, mortadella) and cheese may be of choice.

3. Tapioca with creamy filling of chicken and ricotta: tapioca and chicken are nutritious foods and which together form a healthy and delicious combination. To complete the meal "full fit", a recipe calls for ricotta. Be sure to add to the menu!

4. pink tapioca with chicken pate filling: with a different ingredient in the dough, this tapioca has the color pink. The effect is generated by beet, a natural dye and vitaminized. To fill his tapioca, a practical and pleasant option is the pate, which in this case is chicken.

5. tuna Tapioca: This recipe is a good choice for the summer. Refreshing and healthy, tapioca is stuffed with tuna and lots of salad (lettuce and carrots), forming a kind of sandwich. Worth a try!

6. Tapioca dried meat: for lovers of northeastern cooking this recipe is accurate. The mass of tapioca joins the dried beef filling and form a combination juicy, nutritious and with the face of the northeast.

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Mexican tapioca. Photo: Playback / Lucilia Diniz

7. Mexican tapioca: since this recipe is for fans of Mexican food. The filling is a combination of ground beef, beans and pepper. It is an alternative to exit the basic time to prepare your tapioca.

8. guacamole tapioca: even in the world of Mexican cuisine, there is the option to fill your tapioca with guacamole. In this recipe, small nacelles with the mass were prepared, but it is up to you the shape of the mass, it is important to experience that stuffing!

9. Shrimp Tapioca: with a very wet and creamy texture, this recipe is an option to replace the dinner. The most time-consuming step of the recipe is the preparation of the sauce, however, worth the wait!

10. Cod Tapioca: just as in the previous recipe, this recipe is a little longer due to the preparation of the sauce. Easy to digest and rich in vitamins, cod is a filling which can be served at dinner and forming a super healthy combination with tapioca.

11. Canoinhas of tapioca gratin: stuffed tomato and basil, this is a tapioca served shaped snack that has the advantage of its practicality. The special touch of revenue is for the parmesan grated cheese.

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12. Pizza tapioca: tomato sauce, cheese and oregano. Is that going in this delicious recipe, practice and consquista children and adults. The tapioca dough is a good way to replace the pizza dough common in the diet of coeliacs.

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Tapioca with cheese curds income. Photo: Playback / pinch

13. Tapioca with cheese curds income: this tapioca is to eat with your eyes, as well as tasty, is beautiful. The filling is curd cheese, then being fit and one vegetarian option, and the special effect of tapioca is done with the cheese itself. Worth testing!

14. dried tomato Tapioca: this is also a fit and vegetarian recipe. The idea is not for the filling, but to innovate in the dough preparation. The mixed gum with dried tomatoes, in addition to winning the reddish color also gets its flavor, forming a great combination with green salad or a white sauce.

15. Tapioca with flaxseed, egg and tomato: combining flaxseed and tapioca gum mass is more nutritious. With the filling of scrambled eggs (high in protein) with tomatoes (contains vitamins and minerals), this tapioca becomes a full choice of benefits.

16. Tapioca with golden flaxseed: Following the same idea of ​​enhancing the mass of nutrients, this recipe is prepared with golden flaxseed in mass and the classic filling butter.

17. Tapioca with golden flaxseed: this mass also leads flaxseed and wrap is called because of the way that the dough was rolled. In linseed, lettuce contains the recipe, ingredients that make the dish rich in fiber.

sweet fillings tapioca

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coffee tapioca. Photo: Playback / Scrambled Ideas

18. Tapioca coffee with fresh milk: this is a recipe that blends striking flavors and is perfect for those who like coffee, because the dough is made with that special ingredient. The filling is a sweet milk account, creating a balance with the bitter taste present in the dough.

19. Tapioca with apple and coffee: this recipe calls and unusual ingredients, but the end result is very tasty. The mixture of crunchy nuts and coffee with apple gives the special touch of the filling. .

20. Tapioca cream cheese and guava paste: the famous Romeo and Juliet could not miss, it is a fairly traditional tapioca filling and the result is delicious!

21. Tapioca banana and condensed milk: it is a very common practice to fill tapioca with fruits, and tasty, is a healthy option. In this case, not as healthy as the recipe contains condensed milk, but the mix is ​​mouthwatering. It's worth out a little diet and taste!

22. Banana tapioca, cinnamon and honey: this tapioca also has the main ingredient banana, but combined with other ingredients that are great for couples fruit: cinnamon and honey. The mixture is tasty and nutritious, rich in proteins and mineral salts (especially potassium) and antioxidant effect (due to the properties of cinnamon and honey).

23. Tapioca cupuaçu jelly: Another option is to stuff sweet tapioca invest jelly. Although difficult to look, you can make homemade jams without much effort. This option is cupuaçu, very beneficial to health food because it is rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It includes it in their food!

24. Tapioca with passion fruit jelly: This is another jam option in this case of passion fruit, which forms a refreshing combination with tapioca. A good choice for summer or a quick snack!

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strawberry tapioca with condensed milk. Photo: Playback / View nutri

25. strawberry tapioca with condensed milk: this is a tapioca which also has a classic and delicious filling: strawberry and condensed milk. The tapioca will and afternoon snack and it's super easy to do. Be sure to test!

26. Basket of tapioca with strawberry and coconut: this recipe the mass of tapioca form a basket that is filled, however, you can fill and roll the tapioca as you prefer. Due to the individual format, it can be served as dessert.

27. Tapioca with sweet pumpkin light: this recipe teaches how to prepare a sweet light pumpkin is great as tapioca filling and brings that taste of "grandmother's house".

28. Tapioca with condensed milk with coconut: This is the classic filling of sweet tapioca. Simple and cheap, it is a recipe that takes few ingredients and is easy to replicate at home. A great dessert option!

29. Tapioca brigadier fit: it's hard to find anyone resist a brigadier, but he is considered a villain to those who want to lose weight. Learn how to make a brigadier zero sugar to fill its tapioca and eat without guilt.

Other recipes using tapioca

In addition to fillings options for tapioca, you can create an infinite number of recipes using Gum tapioca as a primary or secondary ingredient. Check out different ways to use tapioca and be surprised with the variety of recipes.

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tapioca cheese bread. Photo: Playback / Panelaterapia

30. tapioca cheese bread: among the various possible recipes to reproduce using tapioca, is the cheese bread. As in the traditional recipe, the tapioca cheese bread is a quick and easy recipe, besides being a delight. A good choice for those who have an intolerance to gluten and loves cheese bread!

31. Dices roasted tapioca: This is a great recipe to serve as snack, because in addition to easy to eat, it is easy to be prepared. These dices tapioca can also be fried, but roast them is a healthier option. They are very well accompanied with a pepper jelly. Worth investing!

32. Sushi tapioca with salmon and cream cheese: sushi, one of the most traditional and delicate dishes of oriental cuisine can be prepared with tapioca. The idea is to prepare a beautiful and healthy dish without too much hassle. Be sure to try at home!

33. Sushi tapioca with salmon, apricot and ricotta: this is also a sushi recipe wrapped with mass tapioca. The recipe calls for salmon, ricotta and apricot, mixing flavors and textures and forming an exotic and healthy combination.

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Lasagna crepioca. Photo: Playback / pinch

34. Lasagna crepioca: recipe was prepared in question with the mass of crepioca (one tapioca variation with egg and / or milk), which contains more proteins tapioca. The mass has replaced the common mass of lasagna and was interspersed with layers of sauce, zucchini and carrots. Total fit!

35. Burrito tapioca: another recipe that mixes tapioca and Mexican cuisine. The filling is chilli with Mexican bean, lettuce and cheese and for even a burrito is necessary to pay attention to the way of winding tapioca (cylindrical in shape).

36. Tapioca ball with dried meat: this idea can also be served as a snack and despite being fried, the advantage is the mass that does not contain gluten.

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Patty fit. Photo: Playback / Living Alone

37. Patty fit: another recipe that won its tapioca version was the patty. Quick and few ingredients, the recipe also has the advantage of being able to receive different fillings according to the taste of each.

38. Soufflé tapioca: this recipe promises you win with your eyes and taste. The souffle is stuffed with bacon, which makes this less healthy recipe. But nothing prevents it from being replaced by another ingredient.

39. Canapé and mango tapioca: going for sweet recipes, but following the line of snacks, here's a refreshing and beautiful choice for summer. Super practice, the recipe is to prepare mini tapioca and put a piece of mango on the dough. It is possible to decorate with mint leaves.

40. Couscous tapioca: going for sweet recipes, but following the line of snacks, here's a refreshing and beautiful choice for summer. Super practice, the recipe is to prepare mini tapioca and put a piece of mango on the dough. It is possible to decorate with mint leaves.

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Vanilla cream tapioca. Photo: Playback / Panelaterapia

41. Tapioca cream with vanilla: A super light dessert that is very well combined with fruit jellies. The only bad thing is having to wait two hours until chilled to be able to taste the sweet.

42. Tapioca porridge: besides being super simple to prepare, this recipe can be enjoyed both hot as cold, or it can be done in summer or in winter and can be served the way you like most.

43. Caviar tapioca: this is known Sago revenue, which for those who do not know is made of cassava flour, and tapioca. A healthy and delicious dessert alternative.

44. Ice cream tapioca: Surprisingly, there is revenue even sorteve tapioca, and according to the owner of the income the taste is divine. For those who like to try new things this is a great suggestion!

45. Geladinho tapioca: for those who want to cool off on hot days, but do not have the patience to beat the tapioca ice cream, there is the option of making a geladinho (aka freezie) which also leads tapioca. Worth testing in the summer!

46. Creamy Tapioca with fudge and toasted coconut: this recipe tapioca used is grainy and not into flour and is combined with fudge and toasted coconut, ingredients that are delicious together. According to the owner of the recipe, this sweet is very similar to rice pudding, only better.

Photo: Playback / Blog Thassia

Custard cream of tapioca. Photo: Playback / Blog Thassia

47. Custard cream of tapioca: This dessert is prepared with other granular tapioca starch and has a very creamy texture. In addition to healthy, the delicacy is mouthwatering just to look!

48. Tapioca pudding with coconut: simple and easy to do, this pudding tapioca promises to mimic the texture of traditional pudding. The main difficulty of this recipe is unmolding, but the secret is to let the pudding be well chilled and firm.

49. Tapioca pudding with walnuts and maple syrup: this is another pudding recipe, but in this case it takes an ingredient a bit hard to find, however, maple syrup may be substituted for honey, which is more accessible. A beautiful and tasty dessert!

50. Tapioca pudding with pineapple syrup: to finalize the selection of recipes with tapioca, a recipe for a different pudding, because it is made with tapioca hydrated. With more moist appearance, it is a choice of refreshing and healthy dessert.

How to cook pasta

Before testing all these suggestions for filling and innovations tapioca, one must learn to prepare the dough. Check out video tutorials on how to prepare the mass of tapioca, in addition to the pancake recipe, wrap and crepioca, which can also be filled with the previous suggestions.

tapioca dough

crepioca mass

Pancake dough

Wrap dough