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Have you ever imagined that one day, a piece of women's clothing would be useful, too, for the health ?!

This product already exists and is known as compression stocking, or even stockings. It is a piece that helps in the circulation of the legs and that if used properly, can prevent a number of health problems, and especially aid in the treatment of varicose veins.

But there is still much doubt about the matter: for whom compression stockings are recommended? They are really effective? What is the correct way to use it?

Under John Paul Maffei Junior, vascular surgeon Leforte Hospital, explains this and other questions on the subject.

You act the compression stockings?

According to a vascular surgeon, compression socks are stockings which exert a certain pressure on the surface of the legs. "This compression is uniform and exercised the same time, the same intensity and at all points of the legs. Exerting this pressure on the skin surface, also acts on the superficial veins, causing blood content present in them is diverted to the deep veins of the legs. This makes the legs look more 'soft', less swollen, improving the symptoms of varicose veins, "he says.

For those who are indicated?

According to John Paul Maffei Junior, compression stockings are recommended for all patients who feel tired legs, swollen, showing or not visible varicose veins, that are overweight, who work long in standing or sitting standing the all day.

"They are much more indicated thereby to persons who have varicose veins and, therefore, have symptoms related to the same," adds the doctor.

Allied against the symptoms of varicose veins

The vascular surgeon Maffei Junior points out that compression stockings help in the treatment of varicose veins, it improves the edema and the feeling of fatigue in the legs, "conferring better quality of life to people who opt for non-surgical treatment of varicose veins," he says.

However, it is noteworthy that compression stockings can not prevent the onset of varicose veins - what happens when the walls of the veins are very weak, and then dilated and tortuous. But the question is not only aesthetic, as varicose veins damage the movement of the leg and can lead to the formation of clots. The effect of the piece is just about the complications arising from them.

The different types of compression stockings

There are different types of compression stockings. The vascular surgeon Maffei Junior highlights that they are classified according to the compression: soft, medium and high.

As for the size, you can find them in small, medium, large and extra large. They can be 3/4 (three quarters), 7/8 (seven-eighths) or pantyhose. There are also various types of tissue.

"Your doctor may choose which is the most suitable model for your case. But overall, the most used is the compression sock-type 3/4, "the vascular surgeon.

How to use them?

The vascular surgeon Maffei Junior explains that, normally, the compression stockings are used during the day and should be set aside for sleep. "We have people who work at night and sleep during the day, should alternate their use for the night, should take in the morning," he adds.

For how long?

According to Maffei Junior, compression stockings can be used for an indefinite period.

"Remember that the use of half does not make disappear varicose veins. They cause symptomatic relief. Ie, once stopped the use, symptoms tend to come back, "said the doctor.


The vascular surgeon says are few contraindications. "The biggest contraindication concerns patients with ischemia of the lower limbs. Ie patients who do not have a good blood supply to the feet. The population where this occurs is more in diabetics, "says the doctor.

Where to find it?

According to the vascular surgeon, there are several stores that sell this type of socks. "Normally, the stores that sell surgical products also sell compression stockings. Another option would be the virtual stores, "he says.

The cost varies according to the type of half its fabric, size, etc. "But the average price would be somewhere around US $ 100," says Maffei Junior.

If you suffer with varicose veins and is looking for something that can assist in their treatment, reducing their symptoms, compression stockings may be a good alternative. Consult your doctor about this possibility.