5 signs that your dating is near the end - Women Tips

Whenever a courtship ends, you think back to the past events and feel that all the time he was giving signs that he wanted to break up with you? Learn here what are these major order alerts dating and save a possible unexpected suffering.

1 - He is not interested

When he stops to take an interest in their affairs and end up just talking about that matter to him, you need to start paying more attention still. If he has no interest in your life, what you do and think, hardly he will be interested in you. This can be a strong signal that the connection that once existed between you is no longer so steady.

2 - Everything about it is a mystery

If he keeps very secret about his personal life and never like to comment on it, he may be unwilling to involve you more in his life. If he does not tell you about the future plans he has and is hiding conversations you have on the phone, you need to keep an eye.

3 - He tries to please too

When man begins to make unexpected treats, you have to stay alert. Psychologists say that this is a natural reaction of a man with the idea that will hurt you, that is, he wants to praise and give you so that you stay happy and he believes that this will ease the guilt he will feel when relationship end.

4 - Sex less frequent, less hot kisses

If the atmosphere between you is far from what it was before or right to kiss you kiss more, this is a sign that what was feeling among you may also be running or have already finished. Especially if only you still have a carnal interest in him and he does not show it. When the carnal connection couple is affected, probably the love affair of this couple is also outdated.

5 - It is never available to you

Another sign that he does not want anything to do with you is when he stops take your calls, is replaced by pressing engagements at the times you used to meet virtually and is never available to see you. When the dating reaches that stage, usually any excuse is a reason not to see his girlfriend. If he is doing so, open your eyes - the end of the relationship may be close.

This are the signs that they usually give when they are no longer interested and women are not very different. If you notice these behaviors coming from you, him or both, it is important to think fondly about dating and decide together whether it is feasible to continue with the relationship.

Remember that if you no longer want it, it is best to inform you about. Do not expect things to get worse have a great reason to end a relationship. Lack of interest and desire to be with the other person are already signs that sad feeling between you is not stronger. So stay attentive to their behavior and to him and avoid greater frustrations for both.