etiquette tips on the elevator - Women Tips

The elevator is a space to be small, it leaves people so close that any less polite attitude may seem extremely rude. Considering this fact, we list 8 tips for good manners in the elevator so you do not risk disturbing those who share the lift with you.

1 - Be friendly

The first tip is to be polite whenever possible. Greet people with a good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Let me know if the elevator is going up or down if necessary. Let people leave first before entering the elevator.

2 - Take your pet on your lap

When you are with your pet, prefer carries it in her lap. In this way you avoid bothering others or puts them in an unpleasant situation.

Imagine if the pet urine or bites someone? Therefore, always keep the animal in her lap. Also check the building's policy in relation to animals. In some buildings they are not allowed to enter the elevator.

3 - Avoid jokes

Make jokes or messing with other people who are using the elevator might seem like a cool way to interact, but usually it is unpleasant. So avoid.

4 - Keep an eye on children

If you have children or small children in the family who use the elevator with you, be careful. Children can begin to jump or move the belongings of others. If this occurs, do not allow. The ideal is to advise the child before entering the elevator, giving tips to it to behave.

5 - Do not exceed the limit of people

If the elevator is too full, do not try to squeeze between other people, especially if the maximum number of people are already inside the elevator. The best thing to do is to wait. To squeeze into a small space is uncomfortable and dangerous. We also suggest, be a possible distance from others - avoid getting too close because it can be unpleasant for others.

6 - Avoid intimate with your partner

To pet her boyfriend and give delicious kisses is good, but in the privacy of a more intimate place. Doing this kind of thing in the elevator can be embarrassing for others. And remember, many elevators have cameras.

7 - Do not talk loudly or yell

Another attitude that may bother those who are in the elevator with you is speaking very loudly, exalting. If you are talking to someone, keep a mild volume so that only the other person you hear what they are talking about.

8 - Help those who need

In addition to these actions, you can also offer to help those in need. Old people and physically or visually impaired may need some guide or help to get in, get out and use the elevator. Be gentle and collaborate.

Follow the tips label on elevator and have a better living in this common area of ​​the buildings.