20 practical tricks to reuse the lemon peel - Women Tips

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Have you prepared a delicious lemonade. And now, what to do with the peels of lemons? If you answered "throw them in the trash," may be making a big waste! The rind of the lemon has many vitamins can be used in various recipes, around the house and even beauty treatments.

Check out some of his most interesting utilities:

1. Clean greasy parts

Your pan, even after a good cleaning with detergent, still greasy? The stove is also with this aspect? Use the lemon halves!

Pour some salt that half of lemon has been squeezed and rub the parts or greasy areas. Then you can just wipe them with a towel. (Just be careful when using lemon on marble counter tops, or any other surface that may be sensitive to acid).

2. Clean the kettle

Fill the kettle with water, add a handful of thin slices of lemon peel and put to boil. Then turn off the heat and let the liquid sit for an hour, drain and rinse well.

3. Clean the coffee pot

To ensure a good cleaning the coffee pot, the suggestion is to put ice in it, salt and lemon peels, and stir for a minute or two. After discarding the mixture, just rinse.

The piece will be brilliant!

4. Clean the microwave

It is quite common a food or liquid soil the microwave to be heated inside. In this case, instead of using chemicals, you can try the following: Place lemon peel in a bowl filled halfway with water. Turn on the microwave for about five minutes, allowing the water to the boil bowl and its vapor to condense on the walls and tops of the microwave. Then just remove the bowl carefully and clean the dirt from the microwave with a towel.

5. Disinfect the garbage

After use lemon peels to any of the aforementioned purposes, they can still be useful: just put them in the trash, to disinfect it and at the same time, leaving a pleasant smell in the kitchen.

6. Clean faucet or other piece chrome

Lemon debris can also help keep the faucet or other piece chrome of your home clean! The trick is to rub the piece in question with a half lemon (which has been squeezed), rinse and pass a soft cloth to buff.

7. Clean pans

A half associated with salt lemon can also be used to clean and brighten copper pots, bronze, chrome or stainless steel. You just use the already squeezed lemon with salt (or sodium bicarbonate) and rub it in the pan. Allow the mixture to act for about five minutes and rinse with warm water. Use subsequently a soft cloth to dry.

8. Clean the stainless steel sink

For stainless steel sink, use the same method to clean the faucet or piece chrome.

9. Zoom insects

Many animals, such as, for example, insects, do not support the lemon acid. The trick then is to cut his skin and put the strips in windows or near cracks and holes - where ants and other bugs may be entering your home.

10. Make a fragrant humidifier

If your home suffers from dry air during winter, you can put the lemon peel in a pan with water and let it boil over medium heat, to humidify and scent the air.

11. Clear cutting boards

Because of lemon antibacterial properties, its bark is great choice for clean cutting boards. Just spend half a lemon squeezed into the surface of the board, wait a few minutes and rinse.

12. Keep loose sugar

If your sugar, most often, is "paved" the tip is to add lemon peels in the pot, which will help keep it moist and easy to use.

13. Do zest

It is highly recommended to use only the peel (without the white part that lies between the peel and pulp) to make chips without that they are bitter.

Lemon zest can be sprinkled in drinks such as wine or beats, salads, ice cream, soups, pies etc. Both to decorate as to give a special taste to recipes.

14. Make lemon zest powder

You can do instead of lemon zest, a powder. Just leave the peels of lemons dry for about three or four days in a dish and then put them in a blender (or spice grinder) and beat until they turn into a powder.

15. Mix the powdered sugar

A good idea to mixing in a container, lemon zest powder (cited above) at some sugar. Then simply use the mix in drinks or sweet recipes.

16. Mix the pepper powder

Salt To a mixture put in a container lemon zest pieces of pepper powder. This is a great seasoning for salads and other dishes!

17. Make candied lemon peel

Candied lemon peels are very easy to do (see below) and may be pure foods or used in recipes for cakes, chocolates, cookies or breads.

The first step is to cut the lemon peel into strips. To completely remove its bitterness, it is indicated leave the sauce strips in water for one or two days, changing the water several times. Then you can just take them to the fire with water and sugar, and stir slowly until the water evaporates and the sauce becomes thicker, involving the cartoons. Drain excess syrup and place the strips on a butter paper sheet, use a fork to separate them and let cool.

Prior to dry completely, it is suitable to pass the strips in more sugar. Then you can just store them in a clean, lidded pot dry.

18. Lighten age spots

Apply a small piece of lemon peel on the stain and leave it for an hour. Then rinse the spot. (After the procedure, avoid sunbathing. And before him, make sure you do not have lemon allergies).

19. Smooth dry elbows

Use half a lemon sprinkled with baking soda and apply to the elbows. Massage the mixture for a few minutes in the area in question. After sufficient washing and drying.

20. Make exfoliation

Mix half a cup of sugar with the lemon peel and olive oil - use enough to turn them into a folder. With the wet body, apply the mixture and massage the skin. Then rinse thoroughly.