Photo: Play / I Could Kill for dessert

Photo: Play / I Could Kill for dessert

When we think of milk powder, it is common to associate it to the stage of childhood. This product, which originates from liquid milk and passing through a complex process to reach its powder form, often already critical food on the menu of many children.

Still, this product can also be present in adult life, giving a special touch in several candy recipes. The main effect that the milk powder provides the revenue is the creamy texture and the feeling that the candy melts in the mouth.

The milk powder is a very versatile ingredient and can integrate various dishes. Although revenues are high-calorie sweets, milk provides benefits of various vitamins that are present in its composition.

Check out 22 easy candy recipes Nest milk, as they were divided into brigadiers and chocolates, desserts and cakes. Recalling that in any recipe nest the milk can be replaced by another milk powder of choice.

Brigadiers and bonbons

Sweetie nest milk. Photo: Playback / Panelaterapia

Sweetie nest milk. Photo: Playback / Panelaterapia

1. Nest Milk Honey: The recipe is very simple, do not go to the fire and uses only three ingredients, namely: powdered milk, condensed milk and powdered sugar that is used to point the dough. Since the icing sugar can also be substituted for sugar.

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2. Milk Brigadier nest stuffed with Nutella: The first step of the recipe is to make white brigadier with Nest milk. Then, simply fill Brigadier with Nutella and use a confection of your choice to decorate.

3. Milk Brigadier nest stuffed with creamy Paçoquita: The recipe does not require any special skills to run and the differential of this sweet is the filling. Paçoquita The balls are carried in the freezer to harden and are then coated in milk brigadeiro Nest, the same recipe milk powder is used in the final decoration.

4. Brigadier fresh milk and milk powder: This recipe comes with many tips that can be used in cooking various sweets. The blogger indicates that a cold saucer is used to check the correct point sweet. When cold, the candy should be "wrapped" and decorated with sprinkles.

5. Milk square of Nest: A video tutorial is available on the blog to assist in the implementation of revenue. The recipe takes only 4 ingredients and is performed in two steps: cooking and cooling, following these steps is ready to be served.

milk powder sweetie with Ovaltine. Photo: Playback / Recipes I love

milk powder sweetie with Ovaltine. Photo: Playback / Recipes I love

6. milk powder Sugar with Ovaltine: In the recipe, the blog also provides a video tutorial revenue. The recipe does not need to be brought to the fire and Ovaltine is used in the ornamentation of the candy.

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7. Milk Candy Nest chocolate flavor: The high point of the recipe is that it can be performed in less than 15 minutes, according to guidelines of own blogger. The difference this Nest milk chocolate is the chocolate powder that integrates revenue.

8. Bagels spoon with milk Nest: The recipe calls the original tack and the other ingredients are to provide the creaminess sweet. To carry out this sweet is not necessary to take the ingredients to fire and crumbled peanut candy can be used in the decoration.


Ice cream Nest milk. Photo: Playback / Tell Maria

Ice cream Nest milk. Photo: Playback / Tell Maria

9. Nest Milk Ice Cream: The statement of revenue is that it be done in less than 15 minutes. Ice cream is a mixture of 3 milks: cream, condensed milk and milk powder and yields 1 liter. Recalling that requires 6 hours of cooling for the ice cream can be served.

10. Nest milk Popcorn: The recipe is performed on video and can be a good choice for cold days. The highlight of this recipe is the popcorn that is caramelized and then sprinkled by powdered milk.

Milk Pudding Nest. Photo: Play / I Could Kill for dessert

Milk Pudding Nest. Photo: Play / I Could Kill for dessert

11. Nest milk pudding: The pudding of this method of execution is very similar to the orginal pudding. The great asset of the recipe is the creamy texture that powdered milk and provides the possibility of reducing the possible egg like you might have in common pudding.

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12. Milk Escondidinho nest with Nutella: Sweet adaptation of this dish, which is originally salty, is a great dessert option. The recipe is very simple and all the ingredients are cooked at the same time getting to finish because of the generous layer of Nutella.

13. Nest milk Rocambole: A mix of chocolate dough and Nest milk with cream kiss is the main part of the revenue. How sweet is made of jelly roll format, the tip is that the slices are cut with the cold mass so that they are uniform.

14. Nest Milk Mousse: This recipe can be performed in a few minutes and the first step is to dissolve the gelatin powder in warm water, then mixed with the remaining ingredients. After these steps dessert is ready, but will need to cool it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


Nest milk cake with white brigadier. Photo: Playback / L'apogee

Nest milk cake with white brigadier. Photo: Playback / L'apogee

15. milk cake nest with white brigadier coverage: The cake batter is white and simple, but the highlight is the white brigadier coverage and syrup to water mass that leads coconut milk. Decoration you can use pieces of stuffed biscuit.

16. Nest milk cake: The cake is this differential milk present in the nest mass and coverage. The cover consists of a simple mixture of sugar, water and milk nest. For decoration, the blogger suggests it is sprinkled grated coconut.

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17. Cake with Nest milk folder: The mass of milk powder that covers the cake and is part of the decoration is the highlight of this recipe. The recipe indicates mass and filling for the cake, but this is undoubtedly a recipe that can be adapted according to their preference. Decoration, let your creativity flow.

18. Nest milk cake with almonds: This cake does not take yeast, so the dough does not grow much. The highlight of the recipe is the nest contrast milk with almonds, which can also be used in the decoration.

19. Milk Cake Nest and brigadier: This cake combines two ingredients that guarantee the success of any recipe: milk Nest and brigadier. The custard nest is present in the filling and cover. Revenue also indicates that a syrup with vanilla extract is made to wet cake batter.

20. milk cake truffle Nest: The Boleira Lene Portugal, at the beginning of the recipe indicates that the cake can be tailored according to your preference using the white mass or chocolate and the filling according to your choice. The Nest milk integrates gourmet brigadier filling and decorating Lene suggests that marshmallow is used.

21. Nest milk cake with Nutella: The cake is stuffed with Nutella and topped with a cream made of white chocolate and milk powder. For a more enhanced appearance, the cake can be mounted on naked cake style and decor can be finalized by powdered milk itself.

Nest cake with cream. Photo: Playback / I eat this

Nest cake with cream. Photo: Playback / I eat this

22. Cake with Nest cream: Cream with milk powder is used in the filling and coverage, and decoration are used white chocolate shavings. In this link you can also find a list of tips that can be used in the execution of several recipes.