Juices that are good for the hair - Women Tips

Some people think that having a healthy diet is to consume small servings of fruits and vegetables. However, like feeding wildly, this attitude can not achieve the desired goal and to not supply nutrients the human body needs.

This is because the body needs fiber, protein and also vitamins to strengthen and work perfectly. So, have a balanced diet with all the crucial components means long and healthy life.

However, you can rather add some types of fruit juices mixed with vegetables to add more health to your diet, and help in the treatment and prevention of diseases. The consumption of vitamin-brings the tissue restoration, ensuring hair, skin and even a perfect tan.

Want to know why? The nutritionist Paula de Cássia shows and gives tips juices that are good for hair. According to her, it is necessary to take advantage of the diversity of Brazilian fruit and create effective net. "The mixture of these nutrients and enrich the health of everyone," he says.

Like skin, hair needs vitamins to grow bright and healthy. "Vitamin A assists in reducing sebum production capillary leather, which consequently reduces the greasy wires and preventing aging" explains Paula de Cássia.

We have to make the wires are strengthened, vitamins B6 are recommended. "The juices with melon, avocado, banana and orange are ideal for the strong growth of the wires. Vitamin B6 works condensing keratin, which is the protein that prevents falls of hair, "said the nutritionist.

Vitamins Mix

The mixture of vegetables in the preparation of juices is also essential. "Mix herbs and vegetables is also important, such as sprouts. They contain vitamins B6 and together with citrus fruits provide a delicious taste, "says Paula.

Another option is also hitting the blender acerolas, oranges, low fat yogurt and honey. "The fruits with vitamin C prevents colds and are also indicated for hair care," teaches Paula de Cássia.

After doing vitamin or even a simpler and less concentrated juice, it must not leach liquid, because if not, the substances may be absent. "Try to take the recipe without coercion is essential to ensure the desired effect," says Paula.

According to nutritionist, the patient should not take multiple vitamins in a single day. "It is necessary that the person take each type of revenue on different days because the body needs different nutrients. The excess of one and the absence of another is also harmful to the body, "he explains.

And to know what is the required amount, ask for directions to your doctor. "As everything is done, you need to visit often to ensure expert advice suited to your body type," says the nutritionist.