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As the dryer, a flat iron is a great ally of feminine beauty. It superprática and offers women the desired result in a few minutes!

Even women who have pretty much straight hair probably used at least once in their life, the flat iron to achieve a smooth even more perfect.

However, as is a device that is in direct contact with the wires, its use requires special care. But it will be that you are using it correctly? The heat of the flat iron is not damaging your wires?

Below you can see some common mistakes many women make when using a flat iron. And it is attentive to, if necessary, eliminate any of these habits of your life!

1. Leave the long flat iron hair in a point

According to Luiz Cintra, hairstylist Emilia Borges Broklin hall, the most common mistake women in time to make the iron is left for a long time the equipment at some point the hair. "Usually this happens at the ends, therefore, the intention to model the wires, it ends up leaving for a long time, trying to turn the hair," he explains.

2. Pass the iron again and again on the wires

Another common mistake, according to Luiz Cintra, is the fact that women spend repeatedly sloshing in the same strand. "This and the above procedure greatly increase the temperature of the wire, accelerating the process of drying and sometimes even breaking the hair," he adds.

3. Make flat iron every day

According to the hairstylist Luiz Cintra, the ideal is to do a good brush and only in minimum cases, the flat iron is indicated. "Like, for example, in situations of women who have very curly hair, they lose very fast smooth effect. For all other hair dryer and brush get their way. In this scenario, the iron could be used only to give a retouched in her hair the other day, "he says.

4. Forget moisturizing

"The important thing is that the more we use the flat iron, more often have to moisturize the wires in an attempt to keep them nourished and more flexible," he says hairstylist.

5. Buy any flat iron

It is important to choose a good flat iron and also is suitable for your hair type. "Today we have several options that instrument. The ceramic plates retain more stable warm temperature, which helps in the glow of the wires, "says Luiz Cintra." Indico also taps with temperature display, which helps to choose the right temperature for the various procedures we can do " he adds.

Professional reinforces the flat iron should be used only in dry wires (see below). "Dry the wire with the help of the iron is not indicated, unless a specific flat iron for this type of drying is used," he says.

Relative to the size of the iron, the bigger ones are most suitable for hair of greater length and more disciplined wires. "The lowest flat irons, are suitable for shorter hair, fringes and ideal for the displacements and can be taken anywhere in the bag, since they use little space," adds Luiz Cintra.

6. Make the iron with wet hair

According to hairstylist, up there in the market flat iron suitable for dry and straighten hair at the same time. "But with my years of experience, I prefer to make the process on hair already completely dry. The problem we move a flat iron on damp strands is that the high temperature of the instrument will end up boiling the water in the wire and the drying will be unavoidable, and may in some cases even from the fully wired, "he adds.

7. Forget the heat shield

thermal protectors are great for protecting the wires and are superindicados for those who make flat iron. "Activated term products need the heat of the iron so that its assets are released. In addition to protecting the wires, give finish and texture to them. So, always look for end products on or thermal protectors and use them before the dryer and flat iron, "explains Luiz Cintra.

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8. Leave the completely straight wires

This is not an error itself. But it is true that if the hair are smoothed by sloshing completely straight, parallel to the face, the look of the wires is not as natural. The trick, then, is to move the flat iron hair, "following a C-shaped", which will lead in the end, the ends to turn inward.

Videos: rolling and smoothing the hair with a flat iron

Protect the heat of the iron wires

Carolina Marçon, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology explains that heat is common source of damage to the hair. "It produces a condition known as' hair bubble", which occurs when present in the yarn water, responsible for the flexibility thereof, heats and evaporates, leading to the formation of bubbles within the rod and consequent areas of loss of cuticle, "he says. "Some signs that indicate the occurrence of this type of damage are: hair that smells burned, frizz the brittle ends and wires, "he adds.

Thus, the dermatologist highlights that protect the hair from excessive heat is essential to keep it healthy. "It is noteworthy that the heat damaged hair can not be repaired, the damaged area will have to be cut," he warns.

But knowing that dryers and flat irons are useful and widely used by most women, the dermatologist Carolina gives some tips on how to prevent heat damage:

  • Always allow possible that dry hair naturally;
  • When using the dryer, to avoid higher heat setting. Start with a lower temperature and increase gradually;
  • To straighten hair with the "sloshing" of pottery, put a wet towel on the device to protect the hair from direct heat;
  • Moisturize your hair regularly helps in some way, to improve the appearance of wires damaged by heat, but stop the source of the damage is critical, if necessary.

Now you know: the use of flat iron is not prohibited, but asks special care not to damage the hair. Stay alert and use the device only in your favor!