Husband or children? How to deal with the need for attention of both - Women Tips

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After the first child is born, no relationship it's the same. This discussion is very common a few years ago, it seems to be falling behind as the woman's life (financial and emotional) becomes more independent of her husband.

In the society in which they lived our grandparents and even our mothers, it was natural that the subject came to the fore when it came to marriage and their relationship with the factor "children." This is because, scientifically proven fact, man in general is jealous of the children and intimate relationship and unconditional affection that develops between them and the mother.

If this view seems a little macho for most before the recent women's achievements in society, it should be noted that know divide attention between the children and the husband It may be the detail missing to not detonate your relationship.

A survey conducted by a social networking site points out that half of the experts on the subject agree with the premise that, when making decisions, the woman should prioritize the husband, not the children. One of them says: "the relationship between husband and wife is a lifetime commitment, such as the relationship between parents and children.

However, the responsibility of parents is to raise the child and teach her moral values ​​and responsibilities so that the child can take care of herself as adults.

Therefore, relationship between husband and wife It takes precedence over the relationship between parents and children, since children are well cared for. "

Out of place? Not so, if we think that, in fact, the children are raised aiming their survival in society and, inevitably, end up leaving the parental home sooner or later. Cultivate the relationship between husband and wife, superseding the relationship of parents and children is thus a way to prioritize a possible company in the future when the children are already taking care of their own lives.

But how to achieve this goal without neglecting the care and, above all, the love that children require? The answer is simple: dividing tasks. It is up to the mother to allow the father to participate actively in the education of children, leaving aside the mother's pride. It is not easy but it is rewarding: as the woman refrains from paper only and sovereign guardian of the children, the couple has the opportunity to discuss key issues related to them - this closeness ends up making the most intimate and refined relationship.

A woman who knows dose attention dispensing to children and husband equitably is gaining a healthier marriage.