L'Oréal launches CC cream with tempting price - Women Tips

New CC Cream, the color of the product follows the color of the packaging. Photo: Disclosure.

L'Oréal has launched Color Corrective Cream, Cream CC or as it is called - an improved version of BB Cream, 5 functions in one product that promises a flawless skin all day.< ?P>

The CC L'Oréal comes in three different types, the Anti-Dullness (purple package) that is invigorating and helps more dry skins; Anti-Fatigue (orange packing) which reacts against the tired and grayish appearance of the skin; and anti-redness (green packaging) acting against redness, and the cream itself is green, which is the opposite color of red and acts to minimize staining. The three adapt to any skin tone and without the need for a thick layer of makeup to disguise imperfections.

L'Oréal launches CC cream with tempting price - Women Tips

Test anti-redness. Photo: Reproduction

The guaranteed treatment of CC Cream consists of: high SPF, base, primer, anti-aging treatment and antioleosidade. The appearance of the skin is natural and does not feel like you're wearing make-up, because pigmentation creams alleviates the problems efficiently without the need for an exaggerated application.

For now, there is no arrival forecast in Brazil, and the official launch takes place on March 1, despite the product already starting to be seen in Europe. The price of it is € 14.99, and he is part of Nude Magique line, to which the BB Cream brand also belongs. We hope to see this new here too soon.